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Tablo Opens Up on Rumors and Malicious Comments about Haru's Birth

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At “Blue Spring Festival 2015,” which took place at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in Mapo-gu, Tablo of hip hop group Epik High opened up about malicious comments he received on the announcement of his daughter Haru’s birth and what raising her taught him about happiness. He says, “I was happy when Haru was born, so I wrote something and uploaded it onto SNS. But when I saw the comments, [I found out] there were inexplicable rumors about me.” “When they demanded one thing, I’d give them two, but they’d ask for four more. If I told the truth, it would get twisted, and I’d receive even greater criticism. The criticism aimed at me spread from online to offline, [affecting] me and my family,” he continues, “I was forced out of the entertainment industry. My family members were kicked out of their workplaces, and my father lost his health. For two years, I lost everything from my past, present, to future. It was a time when I lost the anticipation for the next day.” Blue Spring Festival 2015 But raising Haru helped Tablo learn something important about happiness. “While raising a kid, the hardest thing is putting them to sleep. There is one way to get them to lie down on the bed, and it’s the promise of tomorrow. While children are devoted to today, they instinctively look forward to tomorrow,” he says. Source (1) See also: Tablo Celebrates Haru’s Birthday on Her Instagram Haru Comforts Her Dad Tablo on “Superman Returns” Kang Hye Jung for Woman Joongang: “I Hope to Be a Good Life Sunbae to My Daughter Haru”

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