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INFINITE's Sunggyu Denies Rumors that "Kontrol" MV Is About Sewol Tragedy

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Some fans have been speculating that the music video for "Kontrol" by INFINITE's Sunggyu is a tribute to one of INFINITE's fans who was tragically lost in the Sewol ferry disaster. Fans have been pointing out that the video features Sunggyu searching for a young girl, with him begging her to return to him, as well as a lot of scenes that include water. It's also been mentioned that the two sit on the beach at the end of the video, looking out at the sea, with the girl's hair wet as though she just came out of the water. infinite sunggyu 2 At his showcase to celebrate the release of his second solo album "27" on May 11 in Seoul, Sunggyu addressed these speculations. "I've heard talk about that," he says, "but when we were planning and filming 'Kontrol,' we didn't have that in mind." He says that the song could be interpreted in a variety of ways, and be about waiting for a beloved family member or a friend. "In the music video, we filmed a story about looking for a missing younger sister, although it's possible that it could be seen as about the Sewol tragedy. But that wasn't our intention." You can watch the video for yourself below. Source (1) See also: INFINITE’s Sunggyu Drops MVs for Double Title Tracks “Kontrol” and “It Has to Be You” INFINITE’s Sunggyu Releases Stunning Album Preview for “27″ Tablo and Nell’s Kim Jong Wan to Feature in Sunggyu’s Solo Comeback Album

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