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Song Il Gook and Triplets Take Over Juice Commercial with Sweet Charms

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A juice advertisement seems fitting for the Song triplets, who are always sweet and energetic. Coca Cola’s Minute Maid recently picked Song Il Gook and his triplets for their newest product, “Minute Maid Home Style,” and released behind-the-scene photos from the TV commercial filming. Last month, the triplets enjoyed filming the commercial without hassle, despite the fact that several kids struggle with long periods in front of the camera. Dae Han was the responsible one as usual, while Min Gook fully loved on the staff and Man Se continued to be a devilish prankster. Their adorable energy was said to have worked as an endorphin for the producers. Most notable was how Song Il Gook skillfully managed his children. Whenever their concentration seemed to waver, he would let them do whatever they wanted for ten seconds. His “10 second method” kept the children focused while still considering their needs. Song Il Gook and the triplet’s TV CF will be released on air starting mid May. triplets 3triplets 2 Source (1) See also: Song Il Gook Reveals How He Felt Upon Learning That He Had Triplets

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