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Which Sport Would You Watch

Guest small_jay 101

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Guest monkeybean


2. Tennis

3. Hockey

4. Basketball

5. Swimming (only during the Olympics).

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Guest BiNueng

I love them all, literally!

I can watch sport channels all day...

Although I'm a girl, I really LOVE those manly sports like NFL, F1, football, not to mention those popular ones like basketball, tennis, and more.

I don't understand and don't think that it's weird for a girl to watch those kinds of sports.

I mean I'm in Asian country where normal girl wouldn't prefer watching those sports! =__=

I actually watch more sports than my bf...:P

It's fun!

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I'm surprised tennis is mentioned as much as it is (maybe it's an asian thing haha.) A lot of people would initially think it's boring to watch but you really have to understand how the game is played to fully appreciate it for the most part.

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