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Kim Hyun Joong's Ex Claims She Miscarried Her First Pregnancy Due to Abuse, KHJ's Side Responds

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After it was reported that singer-actor Kim Hyun Joong’s ex-girlfriend (Ms. Choi) had previously suffered a miscarriage during her first pregnancy due to his physical abuse last year, on the May 11 broadcast of KBS’ “Morning News Time,” Kim Hyun Joong’s side has released an official statement in response to her claims. On May 11, Kim Hyun Joong’s attorney told OSEN, “The other party has stated that she received treatment at a hospital following her miscarriage, so we will be checking those records first.” The attorney continued, “First off, the pregnancy itself was her claim, and second, the miscarriage is also her claim. Nothing has been confirmed. [Ms. Choi] has said that she received a separate treatment following her natural miscarriage around June [of last year]. We are currently looking into the truth at that hospital through the court.” Finally, Kim Hyun Joong’s attorney stated, “If there is no truth to [Ms. Choi] having received treatment at the hospital, our side will prepare to file a lawsuit for blackmail.” The broadcast of "Morning News Time" revealed the exchanges between Kim Hyun Joong and Ms. Choi through text message, addressing her reported first miscarriage, although both sides' claims have yet to be confirmed. kim hyun joong Source (1) See also: Kim Hyun Joong's Ex-Girlfriend Sues Him for 1.6 Billion Won

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