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"Angry Mom" Ji Soo Is Adorably Shy and Embarrassed During "Section TV" Interview

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MBC’s “Section TV” had a chat with new up-and-coming actor Ji Soo at the after party for “Angry Mom,” where he showed that, despite having showed some great acting in the drama, he is still very much green and new to the industry.

“I think it was a string of really lucky events for me. It seems people are taking an interest, so I feel really good about that,” says the actor.

When asked by the reporter about the maximum age difference he could do in a relationship, Ji Soo says that he thinks there’s no limit, if the hearts are there.

The reporter then comments that Ji Soo’s hands are really tightly entwined, and that he seems nervous, at which he unwinds them, and quickly clasps them again with a quiet apology, as he shifts from one foot to another. He explains, "It hasn't been long since I've been doing this, and I'm not used to it, so I think that's why.."

Watch the clip here:

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