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Tao Reportedly Leaves for the U.S. to Receive Treatment and Study Abroad

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With the rumors of his departure from EXO still up in the air, it has been reported by Chinese media that Tao has left for the US. On May 8, various Chinese media outlets reported that Tao was spotted at an airport in Beijing on May 7, as he got onto a plane headed for Los Angeles, California. The reports stated, "It is said that Tao has gone overseas to the US in order to study abroad as well as to receive treatment [for his injuries]. It is already known amongst EXO fans." Since the rumors of his withdrawal from his group first surfaced, Tao has only made one official public appearance for his birthday party hosted by fans in China. He has also recently left a number of ambiguous messages through his personal SNS accounts, leaving fans confused about his current situation in relation to EXO. Source (1)

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