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"Abnormal Summit" and "Where Is My Friend's Home" Work with UNICEF to Provide Nepal Earthquake Relief Aid

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JTBC's "Abnormal Summit" and "Where Is My Friend's Home" staff and cast are preparing for Nepal earthquake relief donations through UNICEF. This is particularly meaningful as Sujan, who is Nepalese, is a cast member of both of those shows. Kim Hee Jung, the producer of "Abnormal Summit," said, "In order to donate through a safe means, we decided to donate through UNICEF." She added, "The cast and staff are collecting money and they will continue to donate." She added, "If there are others who are interested, we ask that they join us. There are viewers who would like to send help to Nepal. We would be grateful if they would direct their donations to UNICEF like us." Producer Bang Hyun Young of "Where Is My Friend's Home" said, "We are encouraging donations through UNICEF. The staff donated as well. We are trying to research everything that we can do and we are trying to keep Nepal in our interests." abnormal summit where is my friend's home The latest episodes of "Abnormal Summit" and "Where Is My Friend's Home" encouraged the viewers to donate with the words, "Give hope to Nepal through UNICEF's home page." Producer Bang Hyung Young said, "We will post the videos on our social network media and continue to encourage donations." In particular, Sujan said, "'Where Is My Friend's Home' is sharing in the pain of the Nepalese people. Please help us so that they will not be in pain anymore. We will be praying." Source (1) See also: “Abnormal Summit” Sujan Shakya Tears Up Talking about Nepal Earthquake

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