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Lee Min Ho and YoonA Will Be Falling in Love in Web Drama "Summer Love"

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Lee Min Ho and YoonA will be showing off their chemistry in a new web drama “Summer Love.” Cosmetic brand Innisfree will be revealing the web drama “Summer Love” on May 8. This web drama tells the story of YoonA and Minho who are old-time friends and have also been “talking” for quite a while. Made out of two episodes, the web drama depicts a sweet love story and connects it to the company’s newest product “Long Way Cushion.” Episode one shows how the “talking” couple spend their sweet and shy moments together while highlighting how the “Summer Cushion” helps cover pores. In episode two, the long lasting effects of the product are connected to how the couple wants to spend all their time together. Meanwhile, a teaser for the web drama was revealed on May 1, showing clips of how YoonA and Minho seemed to be sweet nothings in each other’s ears. Not only did their charming beauty capture viewers’ attention, but also the storyline of two people “talking” was also enough to make fans eager for the web drama. Episode one will be reveled on May 8 and episode two will be revealed on May 13 through YouTube. Update: Episode 1 Source (1) See also: Lee Min Ho Donates to Nepal Earthquake Relief in His Fanclub’s Name

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