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Park Jin Young Opens Up About Losing Out on IU and EXID's Hani

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Singer and producer Park Jin Young spoke up about missing the chance to scout famous stars. During the recent broadcast of "Newsroom" that aired on May 5, Park Jin Young received questions regarding IU and EXID's Hani among other stars who've auditioned for JYP in the past. Anchor Sohn Suk Hee said, "There are often claims that, 'stars who Park Jin Young lost are now even more famous,' which include IU, Hani, and more." Park Jin Young replied, "Actors say, 'I turned down a role for a certain work and it did very well,' and I think this is along the same line. The case may be that [the stars'] colors or goals did not match [JYP], or the timing was just wrong." Park Jin Young also added, "Maybe they are doing well now because they were able to find people who met their style after trying out for JYP." Source (1) See also: Park Jin Young Digital Single “Who’s Your Mama” Jokwon Advises “SIXTEEN” Contestants on Getting Park Jin Young’s Favor

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