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Jo Seung Woo Asks Fans to Stop Using DC Gallery, Fans Lash Back

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Actor Jo Seung Woo has run into a bit of a trouble with his fans on online community DC Inside Gallery. While leaving after finishing his "Jekyll and Hyde" show in Gwangju, he told the fans present to stop using DC Gallery, which has then caused a stir online. On May 3, to the fans who have waited for him, he asked, "Why don't people use their real names on DC Gallery? Why do they say such bad things on there? Stop using DC Gallery." Afterwards, he visited his DC Gallery and left a message that said, "What I can't bear is the hypocritical behavior on this site. Even if it's part of the new culture, I don't want to acknowledge this negative space, where insults are rampant." He continued, "It doesn't matter if this space becomes my anti-gallery. If you only insult me, then I can accept it all. I'm sorry that I'm such an outdated actor." Consequently, fans lashed out at his behavior, calling it "fan discrimination." Meanwhile, other fans argued that he had the right to speak his mind. As the issue got considerably bigger, Jo Seung Woo posted an apology to his fan cafe. "I'm sorry if you were hurt by what I said after the Gwangju show. I hope nobody misunderstands this, as I didn't say that to just one fan. [...]  I believe that there are other ways to be a fan and show support other than through the fan cafe and the DC Gallery. I want to apologize once again to those I have hurt." He still stood by his opinion on the online community board, adding, "My thoughts on DC Gallery are the same. I'm thankful for your support so far, and I hope you can all continue with those good intentions, not talking badly about other people." DC Inside is a forum website that curates various fan boards, where fans can post anonymously without joining. Source: (1)

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