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K.Will and SHINee's Onew Reveal Their Affection for Each Other

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Singer K.Will revealed his affection for SHINee's Onew. On Mnet's "4 Things Show" that aired on May 5, the ballader says about Onew, "We had a drink together and opened up our hearts to each other." K.Will said, "Onew's nickname is 'Tofu,' but he has another side to him besides that, too." Onew says, "I'm not sure why he calls me a freak." Afterwards, K.will shows his deep affection for the younger and says, "I can really open up to him, and he understands me right away." Onew returned the affection, saying, "I call K.will 'Hyung Soo-nim.'" Hyung Soo is K.will's real name, and it also means "sister-in-law." Onew added, "He's someone I can respect." Meanwhile, K.will appeared on the show and clarified biases and misunderstandings about himself. Source (1)

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