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Take a Break from the Intensity of "Angry Mom" with These Blooper Reels

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As fun and hilarious as “Angry Mom” is, so are the blooper reels, where the actors couldn’t hold it together, either.

Similarly, as dark as “Angry Mom” is, it’s nice to take a gander at some behind-the-scenes rolls for a momentary reality check and break from the intensity and feels of the drama.

MBC’s “Happy Time,” which often releases “NG Specials” for its dramas, recently released additional clips for “Angry Mom,” featuring After School’s Lizzy, Kim Hee Sun and Ji Hyun Woo, and B1A4 Baro and Kim Yoo Jung.

Check out the clips here:

Starts @1:34

If you’re all caught up with the drama, refresh your memory before this week’s final two episodes here!

And if you're not caught up, here's the latest episode (Episode 14), for your viewing pleasure.

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