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Man Se and Chu Sarang Share Candy and Kisses on "Superman Returns"

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On May 3's episode of "Superman Returns," Chu Sarang and Man Se rekindle their adorable romance after Sarang's heart strayed in last week's episode and she temporarily chose Man Se's brother Min Gook over him. It seems everything is back to normal between Sarang and Man Se on the second day of their trip to Jeju Island, as they're back sitting in car seats next to each other on the bus and Sarang is doting on Man Se like usual. First off, as Sarang is singing happily in the back of the bus, Uhm Tae Woong hands her a lollipop. "Is this mine?" she asks, and Uhm Tae Woong tells her it's for Man Se. So she hands it over to Man Se without any protest, and he puts it in his mouth straight away. After Sarang sings some more, she shares some gummy candies with Man Se. Man Se is thrilled, announcing to his dad, "Dad, Sarang gave it to me!" man se chu sarang "Say thank you!" says his dad Song Il Gook, and Man Se quietly does so. Sarang then leans over in her car seat towards Man Se and the two give each other a quick kiss. Man Se looks like he's over the moon with happiness! man se chu sarang 3 Source (1) See also: Interviewing Song Triplets Is a Mission Impossible for Reporter on “Entertainment Weekly” “Superman Returns” Children Go for an Adorable Wagon Ride Song Triplets Are Fearless Fishermen on “Superman Returns”

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