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f(x) Amber and EXID's Agency Respond to TMZ's Racist Coverage

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Girl group EXID's management company expressed its distaste of TMZ's racist coverage of Junghwa, who went to America with the rest of the EXID members for a performance. On May 3, America's entertainment media outlet TMZ made fun of Junghwa by imitating her accent while speaking English, angering K-pop fans. Yedang Entertainment's representative Jeon Seung Hwi said on May 4, "I came across the content in question. It's very upsetting that they were ridiculing a Korean person with their tone and accent." He also said, "It isn't something we can laugh off. This is clearly an act of racism. We will be contacting TMZ through Korean media on site and will be demanding countermeasures." When the video was revealed, a racism controversy ignited online. Amber from f(x) also expressed her displeasure at TMZ by posting on her Twitter, "I was gunna stay quiet but i cant. Seriously, @tmz not cool man. All Americans face palm at your rude and childish actions." amber twitter exid Watch the controversial clip below: Source (1) Update: 2PM Taecyeon and Roy Kim have also said their pieces in support of Amber's tweet. Roy Kim simply says, "Amen." roy kim tweet amber exid 2PM Taecyeon says, "When they make fun of someone because of their accent, do they not know that that person has perfect command over a completely different language? Haha. Just wow.. to making fun of someone for replying in English to fans in the U.S. that came to see them." taecyeon tweet amber exid

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