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YG CEO Yang Hyun Suk Thinks Jinusean's Sean Is the Most Unfunny Person

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Jinu of Jinusean dissed his bandmate Sean on "Running Man," borrowing the words of their CEO, Yang Hyun Suk. On the May 3 episode of SBS "Running Man," hip hop group Jinusean celebrate Children's Day with a fun race together with the rest of the cast. The "Running Man" cast go to a toy store, and to find all the toys mission. They ask, "Where did all the toys go?" They proceed to open up the large gift box beside them, and find the Jinusean members sitting there like dolls. jinusean running man 2 The cast criticize them, saying, "This is an old joke" and "This is really lame," inciting laughter. Just before engaging in the race, Jinu says, "Yang Hyun Suk said that Sean is the most unfunny person in the whole world," and Kim Jong Kook says, "Isn't [Yang Hyun Suk] unfunny himself?" However, the Jinusean members defend him, saying, "No. When we're alone, he's funny." Source (1) See also: Yang Hyun Suk Sends Famous YG Food Truck to “Running Man” for Jinusean Jinusean Celebrates Children’s Day with Kids Games on “Running Man”

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