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Henry and Yewon Get Touchy While Getting Ready for Bed Together

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Henry and Yewon got close and personal as a newlywed couple. On the May 2 episode of MBC's "We Got Married," Henry and Yewon change into their couple pajamas and get ready for bed. As they do so, Yewon says, "I used to be confident about my no-makeup face." Henry responds by saying, "You're pretty even without makeup." They then make their way to the bathroom, where they begin to wash up. When Yewon starts feeling shy about her no-makeup face, Henry hugs her from behind and whispers again, "You're pretty even without makeup." Yewon and Henry then put cleansing cream on each other and brush their teeth together. Henry says in the interview afterwards, "I had a romantic fantasy, and that was to brush teeth together." He then says, "It felt so good that we were so close together. I wanted to keep that moment forever." henry yewon 3 Source (1) See also: Henry and Yewon Share a Back Hug While Looking at the Seoul Skyline Together on “We Got Married” Henry and Yewon Can’t Stop the Skinship on “We Got Married” Henry Comforts Yewon When She Bursts into Tears on “We Got Married”

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