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Chu Sarang and Song Il Gook Have Adorable Battle on “Superman Returns”

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On the upcoming episode of "Superman Returns," Chu Sarang and Song Il Gook have a cute "phrase battle" when they are reunited on their two night and three day vacation on Jeju Island. Chu Sarang has caught on to Song Il Gook's catch phrase, "Ee-nom!" which means "this guy" in Korean, usually used to reproach someone, and has continued to say this in previous episodes too. You can watch around 0:20 mark to see her say this phrase! Sarang's version of this phrase is just downright adorable. Song Il Gook then takes it up a notch and says it in a different tone, but Sarang doesn't back down as she firmly repeats the phrase again. The two go back and forth throwing this phrase at each other until even the triplets catch on and join in too! You can watch this episode of "Superman Returns" when it airs on May 3. Source (1) See also: The Twins and Uhm Ji On Devour Jeju Mandarin Oranges on “Superman Returns”

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