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Video of "Candy Girl" Protecting Grandmother from Attacker Goes Viral

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A video of a young woman putting herself in harm’s way to protect a grandmother being assaulted is going viral.

A video of the incident, captured by a bystander on the bus, was uploaded onto social media sites on May 1. The video begins with a grandmother who sits down next to a middle aged woman who, just a few moments prior, had been yelling angrily at someone outside of the bus. As the grandmother sits down, the woman suddenly yells at her to move seats. When the grandmother remains in her seat, the woman, unable to suppress her anger, begins swearing and hitting her in the face.


With many passengers shocked by the altercation, one young girl suddenly appears and attempts to restrain the attacker as best she can, holding on with both hands despite threats from the woman. Finally, two male passengers appear to help the girl, and the three eventually convince the woman to exit the bus. Following further insults from the woman, however, one male passenger rushes off the bus at her and the two begin to scuffle. Attempting to defuse another fight, the girl then breaks up the two and pulls the man back into the bus as the door closes.

“Candy girl,” as she is now affectionately known among netizens for the sucker she is eating throughout the video, has become the subject of high praise for her bravery despite the danger of also being assaulted by the angry woman. Meanwhile, police have stated that they have begun an investigation into the incident.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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