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Kwanghee Starts Filming "Infinity Challenge" in Total Secrecy

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Kwanghee filmed his first episode of “Infinity Challenge” in total secrecy despite the controversy of him joining the team. During an interview with X Sports, a representative said, “I can’t say much about the filming. The producers are trying to keep everything in total secrecy.” Out of a group of candidates consisting Jang Dong Min, Choi Si Won, Gang Gyoon Sung, and Hong Jin Kyung, Kwanghee won of the place for the sixth man. Meanwhile, the producers of “Infinity Challenge” posted on their official Twitter account, “If you comment any questions you have for Kwanghee, our sixth man, we will be including them into the show. We hope everyone participates.” Previously, Kwanghee had expressed his goals for the show, saying, “I wasn’t keeping my hopes high, so when I was elected, I was very grateful for the granted opportunity. I’ll soon start filming for the show, and when I do so, I’ll make sure do work my hardest.” Source (1) See also: Kwanghee Finally Gets His Own Van After Joining “Infinity Challenge”

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