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Jin Se Yeon Denies Rumors of Being the Daughter of a Wealthy Family

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Despite the rumors that Jin Se Yeon is the daughter of a multi-millionaire, she denied all speculations. On the episode of MBC’s variety show “Golden Fishery” aired on April 29, Jin Se Yeon, Park Eun Hye, Shin Jung Guen, and Kim Eung Soo appeared as guests for the special “What about my age.” When the MCs bring up rumors such as “She’s a millionaire” or “She’s the daughter of politician,” Jin Se Yeon expresses that she was as surprised by the speculations. “For a brief period I was an extra actor and a child actor,” she says. “I was lucky to have emerged into the limelight.” “My parents are just normal people. My dad works in the IT industry, nothing really big,” she carefully says. jin sae yeon Source (1) See also: Jin Se Yeon Picked First Among those Who Look Older Than Their Actual Age

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