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Jin Se Yeon Picked First Among those Who Look Older Than Their Actual Age

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Actress Jin Se Yeon is drawing attention for her acknowledgement that she appears older than she actually is.

The actress appeared alongside Park Eun Hye, Shin Jung Geun, and Kim Eung Soo on the April 29 “What About My Age?” special of MBC’s “Radio Star.” During the episode, MC Yoon Jong Shin pointed out that the 22-year old actress was “picked first as the person who looks older than she actually is by netizens,” to which Jin Se Yeon replied, “That’s right.”

“I was born in early 1994, so at first my profile said that I was born in 1993,” she said. “All of my friends were born in 1993, so I didn’t think anything of it.” At that, MC Kim Gu Ra asked, “who among your friends were born in the same year as you?” to which Jin Se Yeon replied, “f(x) member Luna and Noh Young Hak,” also pointing out that Noh Young Hak had propelled her to the most searched term online when he discussed her on a previous episode of “Radio Star.” 

In response, Kim Gu Ra then proclaimed that both Luna and Noh Young Hak also looked older than their age and also pointed out that Jin Se Yeon was the same age as IU, which surprised everyone.

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