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Suho Discusses Who Among EXO Would Be Best and Worst in "Problematic Men"

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EXO's Suho previously said that he is the smartest among his members, showing his grades through the program "Problematic Men." When asked why he was the one chosen to do the variety show, the EXO leader says, laughing, that he is the one closest to the image portrayed by the program, saying that he has a clean image and even fair skin, so he fits the program quite well. Among the EXO members, Suho says Chanyeol is the one who is also a close match to the show. Suho says, "Chanyeol is the competitive type. He likes solving complicated problems. I have no patience in doing such things. Chanyeol has the tendency to win especially when it comes to solving riddles and such..if you give him a lot of time." When asked who is the worst member for the show, Suho confesses it is EXO's youngest member, Sehun. Suho explains, "It's possible that Sehun will not know what the problem is saying. Sehun's image, if he doesn't talk, is kind of sexy, so if he just doesn't say anything, it's possible one could misunderstand him as having a 'sexy brain.'" Watch the full version of Suho's interview for "Problematic Men" here, where he also takes a stab at some brain puzzles: See also: EXO Suho Is the Smartest Guest Yet on “Problematic Men”?

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