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Korean University to Open Napping Competition for Tired College Students

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In the midst of midterm season, one university in Seoul is drawing attention for its plans to help rejuvenate exhausted students with a “napping competition.”

The competition is set to take place in a grassy field on the campus of Duksung Women’s University on May 1. It aims to give students who have overtaxed themselves studying a small break by pitting them against each other to see who can achieve the deepest sleep.

Participants in the competition will attempt to will themselves to sleep, receiving blankets, sleeping masks, and pillows through simple games. Five minutes into the competition, participants’ sleep will be tested through six different steps, such as blowing air in their faces or trying to make them laugh. The participant who holds out the longest will be given a small monetary prize.

This unique competition was thought up by Facebook community “Love Recipe,” who said that they were looking for a wholesome game for college students when they came up with the idea for a “healing” napping competition.

An event organizer explained the purpose of the event, saying, “After exams are over, instead of going to a club, it’s better to heal your mind and body through napping.” Although countries like Spain, where siestas are common, have had napping competitions before, the organizer said that this is the first time a napping competition has taken place in Korea.

After closing registration for the event on April 29, the event organizers are now set to choose between 20 and 30 participants for the upcoming event.

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