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Son Seung Yeon Dominates "The Last Song" Stage With Her Powerful Voice

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Son Seung Yeon sang her heart out and wowed the crowd with her exceptional singing sills. On the episode of JTBC’s “The Last Song” aired on April 28, Son Seung Yeon and K.Will compete against each other in the second round of the competition. When giving a hint about the song she wants, she says, “The original singer of this song is known for his criticism on audition programs. His catch phrase is ‘My score is….’” She is given two choices, one hinting a song that was popular after remade by Lee Jung and another hinting a song that ends with flower. Son Seung Yeon picks the latter option in confidence that it is the song she wants, though the twist is that both hints were for the same song. The song picked is revealed to be Lee Seung Chul’s “Jasmine Flower,” and she dominates the stage with her powerful voice yet suppressed emotions. However, despite her perfect stage, Son Seung Yeon loses to K.will, who performs Kim Gwang Suk’s “Though I Loved You.” Watch her amazing performance below! Source (1) See also: Son Seung Yeon’s Cover of “Let It Go” Currently Battling for Top 10 in Ryan Seacrest’s ‘Favorite ‘Let It Go’ Cover’ Contest!

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