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Chu Sung Hoon and Chu Sarang Shoot Commercial with International Stars

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According to a source on April 29, Chu Sung Hoon and his daughter Chu Sarang filmed a top-secret commercial, back in the beginning of February, sponsored by Samsung America and Marvel Global Comics. This commercial is to be released worldwide, and features other famous stars, including the soccer player Lionel Messi. Marc Webb, the director of the well-known movies "The Amazing Spider-Man" and "500 Days of Summer," was in charge of directing this commercial. During the filming, Chu Sarang's hand was made up as The Hulk and she transformed into an adorable version of the character. The Hollywood staff were very surprised by her cute acting skills. This commercial was a big-scale production, just as if it were a movie, and featured all the characters from "Avengers." It will be released online through YouTube on April 30, to follow the recent premiere of "Avengers: Age of Ultron." Meanwhile, Chu Sung Hoon and Chu Sarang are currently appearing in the popular show "Superman Returns." Source (1) See also: Man Se and Chu Sarang Continue Their Romance on “Superman Returns” Chu Sarang Leaves Man Se Heartbroken as She Moves on to Min Gook?

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