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FTISLAND's Hong Ki Confesses Getting Surgery on His Butt

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On the upcoming episode of "Weekly Idol," FTISLAND, who is currently promoting their new song "Pray," pays a visit to the studio. On the show, the group participates in a session where fans leave a voice message of what they want to say to the group. Out of the many messages that the fans left, one particular question asking the band to disclose any secrets of the members catches their attention. As soon as the voice message ends, the members start revealing each other's darkest secrets. The youngest member, Seunghyun, points out, "Hong Ki did a butt surgery," and catches the MCs and Hong Ki off guard. This unexpected news makes the MCs start assuming various things before Hong Ki finally speaks up. After a minute of not being able to raise his head, Hong Ki confesses that he underwent two operations because there was a painful boil on his bottom that made him unable to stay sitting or standing. hongki weekly idol 3 "After that happened, the members gave me a funny nickname too," Hong Ki adds. This episode of "Weekly Idol" will air on April 29 at 6 p.m. KST. hongki weekly idol Source (1) See also: FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki Looks Unattractive for Fans on “Coming Out! FTISLAND”

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