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The Ark's Yuna Kim Reveals Why She Left YG as a Trainee and What Got Her to Return to Music

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In a recent interview with Star News, member of rookie girl group The Ark Yuna Kim reveals why she left YG Entertainment as a trainee and what got her to return to music. Yuna Kim joined YG Entertainment as a trainee in 2011. Despite being revealed as a “strong candidate” for the label’s new girl group in 2013, Yuna Kim left YG Entertainment for the United States planning to discontinue her pursuit of music and refocus on her studies. In response to a question about why she left YG Entertainment, Yuna replies, “At that time, I wasn’t mentally prepared and nothing, neither my singing nor my dance, was ready.” She continues, “I felt like I didn’t have any skill. I only had [raw] talent. It was really competitive at YG Entertainment because there are so many skilled peers. I felt that I was lacking a lot. I contemplated over whether being a musician is my path and ultimately decided to study again.” Yuna Kim shares that she planned to attend pharmacy school after leaving YG Entertainment, but she returned to Korea because she couldn’t let go of her dreams, “I really planned to study. I didn’t know that I would become a singer again. I was persuaded by my boss at my current agency Music K Entertainment. During a meeting in Korea, he asked me to rap, and I did a really bad job. But he gave me confidence by saying, ‘I think you will do well.’ That’s how I got to be a singer. I am so grateful to him.” Meanwhile, The Ark debuted with “The Light earlier this month on April 10. Source (1) See also: Yuna Kim and Jeon Min Joo’s to Make Up Girl Group “The Ark” YG Officially Drops 1 Trainee From New Girl Group Yuna Kim Becomes YG Trainee

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