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Actress Kim Ah Joong and Comedian Kim Jae Dong Get Flirtatious In Latest Episode of "Healing Camp"

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Actress Kim Ah Joong appeared in the latest episode of the variety show "Healing Camp"as MC Kim Jae Dong's close friend. During the show, the actress said, "About three to four years ago, I was going through a hard time but Kim Jae Dong showed me the healing effects of hiking. We have been close ever since." She added, "Every time I come to this coffee shop, Kim Jae Dong is always here. We drink coffee together and we also hung out at his place as well." Kim Jae Dong jokingly replied, "If we get married, everything will be resolved. Do you want to go eat ramen?" to which Kim Ah Joong asked, "Why? You want to cook me ramen?" In the end, MC Kim Jae Dong conclusively said, "I don't think that's the ramen we are talking about the same ramen." Just so you understand better, for several years, the question "Do you want to eat ramyun?" is a flirtatious phrase that also implies for "Do you want to spend the night?" Kim Jae Dong and Kim Ah Joong

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