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Jinusean Say They Failed to Achieve 'All-Kill' Because of Park Jin Young

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On the April 28 broadcast of MBC FM4U's "Park Kyung Lim's Two O'Clock Date," the legendary hip-hop duo expressed their disappointment over missing a music chart 'all-kill' due to Park Jin Young's strong comeback. During the show, Sean confessed, "To be honest, I was bothered by Park Jin Young's comeback. We expected to top nine music charts and achieve an all-kill. We did our best, after all. But turned out that we failed to score an all-kill because of Park Jin Young." Slightly disappointed but laughing, Jinu added, "Ugh, JYP... We went on to check the real time music charts, and because of Park Jin Young, we were ranked second on one of the charts." Meanwhile, Jinusean made their anticipated return on April 15 with the catchy "Tell Me One More Time," and the song has since maintained its position in the Top 10 of online music charts. Source (1) jinusean

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