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Kim Soo Young of "Gag Concert-Last Health Boy" Loses 130 Pounds in 12 Weeks

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Comedian Kim Soo Young is continuing his astounding weight loss project, losing 59 kilograms (130 pounds) in only 12 weeks. On the April 26 episode of KBS’s “Gag Concert-Last Health Boy,” the story of Kim Soo Young’s weight loss challenge continued. The scale showed that the comedian’s continued efforts are paying off. Down to 108 kilograms from last week’s 112, Kim Soo Young has now lost a total of 59 kilograms in only 12 weeks. “Kim Soo Young’s dangerously high blood pressure has returned to normal, and his cholesterol is also normal,” Lee Seung Yoon declared. Meanwhile, the skinny Lee Chang Ho gained a bit more weight this week, coming in at 61 kilograms. Regarding his weight gain, Lee Seung Yoon said that “Lee Chang Ho has achieved a normal body weight for the first time ever.” Also during the show, previous “Health Boy” success story Kwon Mi Jin appeared and showed off her in-shape figure while also revealing that she is “comfortably taking some time off,” which drew laughter from everyone.


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