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Lee Seo Jin Loses His Temper with Choi Ji Woo on "Grandpas Over Flowers"

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Lee Seo Jin lost his temper on "Grandpas Over Flowers," surprising viewers as well as fellow cast member Choi Ji Woo. On the April 24 episode of tvN's "Grandpas Over Flowers," the "grandpas" as well as the porters Lee Seo Jin and Choi Ji Woo continue to enjoy their time in Greece. They enjoy a lunch of lamb ribs and Greek salad, but when it comes time for them to pay for their meal, Choi Ji Woo looks nervous, looking for Lee Seo Jin. Lee Seo Jin returns from the bathroom a little bit later, and Choi Ji Woo sends signals for him to give her the money, saying, "It didn't cost as much as I thought." However, Lee Seo Jin replies coldly, "So pay!" Choi Ji Woo responds, "You pay! I don't have any money." At that, Lee Seo Jin seems to finally lose his temper, saying angrily, "What did you do with all the money?" Choi Ji Woo is taken aback and feeling betrayed and disappointed, says, "Did we travel separately? We went around together and had coffee together and he got angry at me." grandpas over flowers 2 Meanwhile, Lee Seo Jin immediately regrets that he got angry at Choi Ji Woo and says, "Okay, okay," and finally hands over the money. Choi Ji Woo is quick to set aside her feelings of disappointment and reaches for the money, inciting laughter. Meanwhile, tvN's "Grandpas Over Flowers" airs every Friday at 9:45 p.m. KST. Source (1) See also: Love Is in the Air as Choi Ji Woo Calls Lee Seo Jin “Cute” on “Grandpas Over Flowers” Lee Seo Jin Tells Choi Ji Woo She Doesn’t Need Makeup on “Grandpas Over Flowers” “Grandpas Over Flowers” Ratings Peak with Lee Seo Jin and Choi Ji Woo’s Cooking Lee Seo Jin and Choi Ji Woo Show Sparks on “Grandpas Over Flowers”

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