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[drama 2004] Lovers In Paris 파리의 연인


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[sBS] Park Shin Yang, Kim Jung Eun, Lee Dong Geun
Official Website... ... http://tv.sbs.co.kr/paris/ Characters: m_g_over.jpg Han Kijoo m_t_over.jpg Kang Tae Yong m_s_over.jpg Yoon Soohyuck Compilation of Important Information for Pariholics!!! DISCLAIMERs: ... Some of the links may have LONG expired ... ... Credits to all the cute and lovable Pariholics in the old old Paris thread! PDBOX/CLUBBOX links - Please let me know if you have LIP in your clubbox ed2k Links - Please let me know if you have the links Bittorent Links to Pari Episodes with English subtitles http://www.d-addicts.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6910 http://www.kdrama.com Pari with Chinese subs/dubbing http://www.cn5566.com/dispbbs.asp?boardID=...4&star=1&page=1 http://lib.verycd.com/2004/09/14/0000014856.html Teasers/Makings http://ebook.sbs.co.kr/board_img/TB_M2BBS0...71521342236.wmv (kissing scene) http://ebook.sbs.co.kr/board_img/TB_M2BBS0...72016275103.wmv (kissing scene) http://ebook.sbs.co.kr/board_img/TB_M2BBS0...71523073798.wmv (Yoona and SooHyuk scene) http://ebook.sbs.co.kr/board_img/TB_M2BBS0...71606084831.wmv (Hockey scene) http://ebook.sbs.co.kr/board_img/TB_M2BBS0...71702164743.wmv (Rehearsal of kissing scene) http://ebook.sbs.co.kr/board_img/TB_M2BBS0...73009371989.wmv (Filming of Ep 15 and KJE interview) http://ebook.sbs.co.kr/board_img/TB_M2BBS0...73101133968.wmv (SH and YN) http://ebook.sbs.co.kr/board_img/TB_M2BBS0...73101412537.wmv (SH and KJ) http://user.chol.com/~ssoju415/sbs_0001.wmv (Filming of street scene in Episode 20) http://download.entoi.hangame.com/download...040815end-1.asf (Ending credits of Ep 20) http://download.entoi.hangame.com/download...040815end-2.asf (Ending credits of Ep 20) NGs http://zooms.lgcdn.com/zooms/paris_ng1.wmv http://user.chol.com/~jeayu/icsUpload/free/PLover/ok-t.wmv http://zooms.lgcdn.com/zooms/paris_ng0803.wmv http://cafe174.daum.net/_c21_/pds_down_hdn...sosototos&.wmv= http://cafe174.daum.net/_c21_/pds_down_hdn...sosototos&.wmv= http://cafe174.daum.net/_c21_/pds_down_hdn...sosototos&.wmv= http://cafe174.daum.net/_c21_/pds_down_hdn...sosototos&.wmv= http://cafe174.daum.net/_c21_/pds_down_hdn...sosototos&.wmv= http://pub.paran.com/againghj/The Paris love/sp-1.wmv http://zooms.lgcdn.com/zooms/paris_ng0816.wmv http://www.babyhome.net/DataFolder_third/b.../17525/ng-3.asf http://download.entoi.hangame.com/download.../17/sinyang.asf From the Pari Special http://download.entoi.hangame.com/download...810/02/GJNG.asx http://download.entoi.hangame.com/download...810/02/TYNG.asx http://download.entoi.hangame.com/download...810/02/SHNG.asx http://download.entoi.hangame.com/download...40810/01/GJ.wmv http://download.entoi.hangame.com/download...10/02/GJ2-1.wmv http://download.entoi.hangame.com/download...10/02/GJ2-2.wmv http://download.entoi.hangame.com/download...0810/02/GJ3.wmv http://download.entoi.hangame.com/download...40810/01/TY.wmv http://download.entoi.hangame.com/download...0810/01/TY2.wmv http://download.entoi.hangame.com/download...10/02/SH1-1.wmv http://download.entoi.hangame.com/download...10/02/SH1-2.wmv Memorable Scenes http://pub.hitel.net/againghj/The%20Paris%20love/7-1-1.wmv (Episode 7) http://download.entoi.com/download.nhn?att...040710laugh.wmv (from Ep 9) http://pub.hitel.net/againghj/The%20Paris%20love/9-17.wmv (from Ep 9) http://pub.hitel.net/againghj/The%20Paris%20love/9-5-1.wmv (from Ep 9) http://pub.hitel.net/againghj/The%20Paris%20love/m9-6-1.wmv (from Ep 9) http://ebook.sbs.co.kr/board_img/TB_M2BBS0...71702151900.wmv (KJE and LDG) (KJE and LDG) http://ebook.sbs.co.kr/board_img/TB_M2BBS0...71921525908.wmv Cinema Paradiso and Pari) http://user.chol.com/~jung2home/pari2.asf http://ebook.sbs.co.kr/board_img/TB_M2BBS0...72402125835.wmv http://home.freechal.com/~kkannyssi/paris141.asf http://ebook.sbs.co.kr/board_img/TB_M2BBS0...72709170653.wmv (clip at bridal boutique) http://ebook.sbs.co.kr/board_img/TB_M2BBS0...72619590472.wmv (how to sms) http://ebook.sbs.co.kr/board_img/TB_M2BBS0...72710433244.wmv (necklace scene) mms://file.manian.intizen.com/media46731168/paris-fashionshow2.wmv (Fashion parade of KJE in the beginning and PSY in the 'bridal shop' scene) http://boardc.sayclub.com/files/fx/blob5/s.../2./pari_15.WMV (Most memorable moment in life) http://pub.paran.com/againghj/The Paris love/15-1.wmv (Episode 15) http://pub.paran.com/againghj/The Paris love/15-2.wmv (Episode 15) http://pub.paran.com/againghj/The Paris love/15-3-1.wmv (Episode 15) http://pub.paran.com/againghj/The Paris love/15-5-1.wmv (Episode 15) http://download.entoi.hangame.com/download.../23/TYUnjun.wmv (Episode 16: TY is driving KJ's Car) http://home.freechal.com/hjwfhot/home/17/gikak.wmv (Episode 17: TY asks KJ to hug her) http://boardc.sayclub.com/files/fx/blob4/s...17_chunk_44.wmv (Oppa Scene) http://boardc.sayclub.com/files/fx/blob4/s...17_chunk_45.wmv (Oppa Scene) http://cafe128.daum.net/_c21_/pds_down_hdn...ng&dncnt=Y&.wmv (The TWO kisses) http://download.entoi.hangame.com/download...4/23/GGujyu.wmv [Yoonah getting scolded by KJ in Episode 19] http://myfile.hanafos.com/~lshbride1/lovingyou2.wmv (cycling scenes) http://user.chol.com/~ssoju415/20-4_0001.wmv (Ep 20: The last goodbye) http://user.chol.com/~ssoju415/20-3.wmv (Ep 20: KJ and his mom) http://user.chol.com/~ssoju415/20-2.wmv (Ep 20: I'm off to find my ae gi yah) http://user.chol.com/~ssoju415/20-1.wmv (Ep 20: The not so sweet reunion) http://user.chol.com/~wendy92/pari/stalker_01.wmv (Words from HKJ) http://zooms.lgcdn.com/zooms/paris_best.wmv (Best scenes) http://user.chol.com/~chor17/yego2.wmv (Ep 21 preview) http://user.chol.com/~bkluv/syp/sy_smile.wmv (HKJ's smile) http://user.chol.com/~sluto/tobi.wmv (HKJ with Teletubbies) http://user.chol.com/~chor17/rem2.wmv http://user.chol.com/~chor17/rem3.wmv http://www.playboard.co.kr/d_v_playdisk/PB0409070001/Last story.wmv (Sad moments) http://ms-shipper.netian.com/SJ-LOVE.gif Music Videos http://pub.hitel.net/againghj/sonagi - Mov/MV1.wmv http://pub.hitel.net/againghj/sonagi - Mov/Paris-MV 2-3.wmv http://myfile.hanafos.com/~jun2317/paris2.wmv http://myhome.hanafos.com/~lovetrack/jsmpari(bestiznet).wm (Moon River) (Song title is Neuh Yae Kkeut Euh Roh [to you] by Jo Sung Mo] http://sky2.pooding.com/vod/sky2/2004_p001.wmv http://user.chol.com/~choa0735/tonight.wmv (Eugene's Tonight) http://user.chol.com/~jung2home/pari3.asf http://k-steel.co.kr/wwwboard/data/board2/...9;상1.wmv http://file.happyfriend.co.kr/pds/0407/41280/paris-sugar.wmv (Song title is Sugar sung by Soo MinSong and is Track 2 of the "cho dae" (invitation) OST. Please refer to P.1 of Drama OST thread) http://www.gns4u.com/lastori/ori1.wmv (Flash of PSY to the song from The Classic) (MV of nor ha na man (Only one) - Jo Sung Mo) http://myhome.hanafos.com/~axaaxx/leaveme.wmv (Sad MV) mms://file.manian.intizen.com/media24626978/paris-mv-please_1.wmv (Lee SoRa's JaeBal mv of PSY) http://myfile.hanafos.com/~lshbride1/lovingyou2.wmv (Includes NGs) http://user.chol.com/~ssoju415/17-3.wmv (Ep 17: KJ's moments) http://user.chol.com/~ssoju415/17-6.wmv (Ep 17: KJ and TY) http://user.chol.com/~ssoju415/18-2.wmv (Ep 18: KJ and TY) http://mediafile.paran.com/MEDIA_690966/BL...18_parismv0.wmv http://user.chol.com/~kali4u/loveMV1.wmv http://user.chol.com/~molko5421/eye1.wmv [PSY cool shots] http://user.chol.com/~molko5421/e1_0002.wmv [KJ eating and drinking] http://k-steel.co.kr/wwwboard/data/board2/jsm_only_you.wmv [New MV - Jo Sung Mo's Only you] (Jo Sung Mo's Close to You) Wallpaper http://ebook.sbs.co.kr/board_img/TB_M2BBS0...71703003505.jpg Screensaver ftp://ftp2.winrar.com/pub/files2/movie/lovestoryparis.exe ftp://ftp.winrar.com/pub/files2/movie/lovestoryparis.exe Flash http://home.bcline.com/bika/pariskiss.swf http://ebook.sbs.co.kr/board_img/TB_M2BBS0...72115394994.swf http://zooms.lgcdn.com/zooms/tweetty/donggun-tweetty.swf (LDG) http://ebook.sbs.co.kr/board_img/TB_M2BBS0...81108253136.swf (KJ and SH fighting – End of Episode 18) http://ebook.sbs.co.kr/board_img/TB_M2BBS0...81115370273.swf (Separation) Variety Shows on Pari - il yo il ee joh da 8/8 - 'pari eh yun in' special / eric, chae rim, jung joon ha, so yoo jin ed2k://|file|[컴광](일요일이.좋다)19회(sbs)04-08-08.asf|230297009|5A2295359084A33F3F38D9DE58B9B4DB| http://www.tncsemi.co.kr/wwwboard/data/boa...anman_paris.asf - Morning Entertainment http://zooms.lgcdn.com/zooms/morning_entertainment0705.wmv http://zooms.lgcdn.com/zooms/morning_entertainment0705.wmv (210704) http://user.chol.com/~jeayu/icsUpload/lee/...how/sbs0823.WMV http://cafe.daum.net/donggunazooms Interviews mms:// http://postin.cafe24.com/girl/hanb.wmv http://pub.paran.com/ceandie/040729_han_shin.asf (PSY's interview) http://pub.paran.com/ceandie2/040729_han_kim.asf (KJE's interview) mms:// (PSY on Arirang) www.tncsemi.co.kr/wwwboard/data/board2/parisl_20040803.asf (interview with LDG and PSY) http://ebook.sbs.co.kr/board_img/TB_M2BBS0...81020383503.wmv (Yoonah + SH) http://zooms.lgcdn.com/zooms/hanbam0812.wmv (Interview before the ending) http://www.diodeo.com/comuser/istudio/main...?masterID=TOO95 (Extended interview of the clip above) (ETN version of post-Pari party) http://mediafile.paran.com/MEDIA_655553/BL...bg_shinyang.asf (post-Pari Special on PSY) http://www.arirangtv.com/english/programs/...ocus.asp?kid=76 All to do with PSY - Sidus/Photobook http://pub.paran.com/lemontree11/040720_pa...n_yang-500k.wmv (a photo video of him, and his history) mms:// (PSY's photobook) http://mms:// (PSY's greetings from Sidus homepage) http://kukak.co.kr/board/data/reporter/psy_spe_001.asf http://k-steel.co.kr/wwwboard/data/board2/psy_spe_002.asf http://www.tncsemi.co.kr/wwwboard/data/boa...psy_spe_003.asf http://kukak.co.kr/board/data/reporter/psy_spe_004.asf http://k-steel.co.kr/wwwboard/data/board2/psy_spe_005.asf http://www.jchyun.com/~sonic/bbs/db/acoust...psy_spe_007.asf mms:// - Interviews/events mms://bbadapig.cachenet.com/bbadapig/2004/08/people/psy.wmv (Interview) mms:// (interview with PSY) http://user.chol.com/~ssoju415/sbs2.wmv (Park Shin Yang Interview) mms:// (PSY at signing) http://mediafile.paran.com/MEDIA_647250/BL...yang_hyejin.wmv (PSY with his wife) - CFs http://myfile.hanafos.com/~bluesky4231/oblager-1.asf (commercial OB Lager) mms://엘지카드30_박신양.wmv (LG singing CF) mms://vod2.diodeo.com/Data1/Data2/3/000110433-LGCARD_shinyang_040901.wmv (LG Card CF) mms:// (LG Card CF) http://shinilta.co.kr/way-board/db/Free/file/psy_mg_cf.wmv [PSY new CF for GM – 15 secs] http://shinilta.co.kr/way-board/db/Free/fi...g_mg_psy_30.wmv [PSY new CF for GM – 30 secs] http://ourworld.cs.com/XDongwans%20BabyX/j...psy_singing.mp3 (PSY singing for a CF) http://www.maestro.co.kr:5300/03service/img/cf.wmv http://user.chol.com/~desire2fly/maestro.wmv - MVs http://mtv.hb365.com/musiclist/mmc_960.htm (PSY's MV from Indian Summer, No. 39) http://user.chol.com/~bkluv/syp/sy_kiss.wmv (PSY's kisses) http://user.chol.com/~chor17/rem11.wmv (Kijoo's moments) - Movies http://boardc.sayclub.com/files/fx/blob6/s...b3/28./rere.asx (Big Swindle) http://www.neotiming.com/movie/asx/neo0057_256.asx (White Valentine) - Singing http://yyiin.hihome.com/palove.mp3 (PSY singing) http://strom09.com.ne.kr/12/기ᐙ...32;래.wav http://home.freechal.com/skyblueno7/home/s...53;撅.WMA (신양-너에게) http://mediafile.paran.com/MEDIA_647250/BL...inyang_song.wma (랑해도 될까요?) http://user.chol.com/~fly216/web/kilimanjaro_ost_08.wma (Kilimanjaro) http://mediafile.paran.com/MEDIA_647250/BL...nyang_songs.wma (슬픈인연 - 박신양) [Kilimanjaro] http://mediafile.paran.com/MEDIA_647250/BL...inyang_song.wma (너에게 - 박신양_ [Kilimanjaro] - Variety Shows with PSY http://download.entoi.com/download.nhn?att...040710laugh.wmv http://www.sangwoo4ever.com/databox/vod/hanbam0902.wmv (PSY's crying scene as compared to other actors/actresses) Others KJE's new movie My Guy's Romance opening http://ebook.sbs.co.kr/board_img/TB_M2BBS0...70714542922.wmv KJE's singing from Marrying the Mafia 나 항상 그대를 or na hang sang geu dae reul [Kim Jung Eun] MV with KJE http://pub.paran.com/chrismin/kje/move/soon.wmvKJE's interview http://www.tncsemi.co.kr/wwwboard/data/board2/jung_kin.asf A clip of Pari versus Pretty Woman http://www.babyhome.net/DataFolder_third/b...22/16656/pretty woman.wmv  A fun clip of how Kijoo became a GD Company's president http://file.pullbbang.com/gd자동차.asf A fun clip of why Kijoo propose to Tae Yong http://file.pullbbang.com/파리...64;드.asf Pari's crew using MSN text messenger http://www.msnmarketing.co.kr/2004/07/mobi.../images/msn.wmv Parody of KTF commercial http://file.happyfriend.co.kr/pds/0407/41499/paris-ktf2.wmv (Pari version) mms://media.tvcf.co.kr/korea/05001_06000_cmko/ka4070107.wmv (Original)  Parody of Pari by NonStop 4 http://zooms.lgcdn.com/zooms/nonstop4_0812.wmv LDG's Stuff http://zooms.lgcdn.com/zooms/zooms/dance.wmv (Dancing Skill) (LDG's Shopping Mall CF)
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All to do with music

Serenade Scene - Han Ki Joo (PSY) Singing to Tae Yong in Episode 12

sarang hae do dwel gga yo

Video clips:


http://user.chol.com/~wonae/rlwnshfo.asf (clip of entire scene)

http://home.freechal.com/~wusgml_/music/...#49888;양 - 너의기억.asf

Music Video:


Audio (PSY’s version):



http://myhome.hanafos.com/~jojiheg79/giju_piano.mp3 mms://



Original song:






사랑해도 될까요 - 유리상자

문이 열리네요 그대가 들어오죠

첫 눈에 난 내 사람인걸 알았죠

내 앞에 다가와 고갤 숙이며 비친 얼굴

정말 눈이 부시게 아름답죠

왠일인지 낯설지가 않아요

설레고 있죠 내 맘을 모두 가져간 그대

조심스럽게 얘기할래요 용기 내볼래요

나 오늘부터 그대를 사랑해도 될까요

처음인걸요 분명한 느낌 놓치고 싶지 않죠

사랑이 오려나봐요 그대에겐 늘 좋은것만 줄께요......

왠일인지 낯설지가 않아요

설레고 있죠 내 맘을 모두 가져간 그대

참 많은 이별 참 많은 눈물 잘 견뎌냈기에

좀 늦었지만 그대를 만나게 됐나봐요

지금 내 앞에 앉은 사람을 사랑해도 될까요

두근거리는 맘으로 그대에게 고백할께요

조심스럽게 얘기할래요 용기 내볼래요

나 오늘부터 그대를 사랑해도 될까요

처음인~걸~요... 놓치고 싶지 않죠

사랑이 오려나봐요 그대에겐 늘 좋은것만 줄께요

내가 그대를 사랑해도 될까요

Credits: Goro-chan

Can I love you? (Yurisangja)


The door is opening, you come in

I knew at first sight that you were mine

Your face that shone as you came toward me

Is so beautiful it can make me blind

I don't know why but it's not strange

But my heart is fluttering

You took all of my heart

*I want to tell you carefully

I want to be brave

Can I love you from today?

It's the first time

I don't want to lose this obvious feeling

I think love is going to come

I'll give you only good things

I don't know why but it's not strange

But my heart is fluttering

You took all of my heart

I endured a lot of goodbyes and a lot of tears

So it's a little late, but I think I finally met you

Can I love this person that's sitting in front of me?

I'll confess to you with my pounding heart


Can I love you?

Credits to isarangkangta

TY’s Pyjama Party - TY singing to KJ in reverse

Nae Gae Nam Eun Sarang Eul Da Jool Kkae (I'll give the rest of my love to you) – Wax/Jang Hye Ri


http://photoimg.naver.com/multi_view/33/28...43372475300.wmv (TY singing)

http://myfile.hanafos.com/~jojiheg79/Han_mylove.wmv (TY singing clip together with other nice scenes)

mms:// (Original song)


왁스- 내게 남은 사랑을 다 줄게

스치는 바람결에 사랑노래 들려

내곁에서 떠나버렸던

그립던 사랑에 노래들려와 내 맘 떨려

이제는 울지 않을래 이별은 너무 아파

다시 떠난다해도 내게 남은 사랑을 다줄께

기억하지는 않아도 지워지지가 않아

슬픔이 밀려드는 그리움

세월이 변한다해도 언제까지나 그대로

내곁에 머물러만줘

내게로 살며시 다시 다가와 줄것만 같아

이제는 울지않을래 이별은너무 아파

다시 떠난다 해도 내게 남은 사랑을 다 줄께

기억하지는 않아도 지워지지가 않아

슬픔이 밀려드는 그리움

세월이 변한다해도 언제까지나 그대로

내곁에 머물러만줘

세월이 변한다해도 언제까지나 그대로

내곁에 머물러만줘

Pari OST

01 NalGae [Wing] (Title) (Guitar Ver)

02 Myung In Hee - Poot Sarang

03 Jo Sung Mo - Nuh Ha Na Man [Only you]

04 Moon River (Violin Ver)

05 Chae Eung Jung - Romantic Love

06 Jo Sung Mo - Neuh Euh Keut Euh Roh [to you]

07 Before the Rain(Inst)

08 Eugene - Tonight

09 Moon River (Sax Ver)

10 Park Sae Joon - Geuh jit mal [lie]

11 In My Dream(Inst)

12 Lee Cha Hyung - Sarang Neuh Kkim [Love feeling]

13 Poot Sarang (Inst)

14 Lee Min Young - Dang shin e yeut nah yo [was it you]

15 Soul Food - Ah moo mal doh ha ji ma rah yo [don't say anything]

16 Nuh Ha Na Man [Only you](Sax Ver)

17 Romantic Love (Inst)

18 Neuh Euh Keut Euh Roh [to you] (Piano Melody Ver)

19 NalGae[Wings](Title) (Sax Ver)

Download from



Or ...











additional song

Yurisangja - sarang hae do dwel gga yo


192kbps mp3



Karaoke Version (Glass Box's Can I Love You [sarang HaeDoDwelKkaYo]) (Jo Sung Mo's, To You..[NuhEuhKkeutEuhRoh])

파리의 연인 OST II

1 너의 곁으로

2 애기야 놀자 (기주테마)

3 풋사랑

4 너를 좋아하는 이유 (수혁테마)

5 마음의 붕대 (태영테마)

6 로맨틱 러브

7 우리 애기는 내꺼(기주테마)

8 너의 곁으로 (기주테마)

9 거짓말

10 내 가슴엔 너 있어 (수혁테마)

11 나비야..사랑해도될까요 (기주테마)

12 제일 행복한 순간이야 (기주테마)

13 너의 곁으로 (태영테마)

14 지친그에게 남은 사랑 모두 드릴께요 (태영테마)

15 꼭 하고픈 말..사랑해요 (태영테마)

16 오빠 (태영테마)

17 내게 남은 사랑을 드릴께요

18 사랑해도될까요

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nuh eh gyut eu roh - close to you (Jo Sung Mo)

nuhn ahl go eet ni nahn mal ya

nuh eh ha yan oot seum ee ja ggoo man gi uhk na

ba bo chuh ruhm oot ge dwae

na bo da muhn juh nae noon ee

ni ga geu ri wuh nul chat ja ga neun ji

neul nuh reul bo ge dwae

na neun eek sook ha ji ahn ah suh

noo goo do sarang han juhk up suh suh

ja ggo kuh jyuh ga neun nuh reul ji wuh bo ji man

nuh reul sarang hae do dwe geht ni

woo ri shi jahk hae do dwe geht ni

na eh sang chuh man eun ga seum ee

nuh reul ool ge hal ji do mol la

sarang mal roh hal jool mol la suh

nuh reul ahn eul jool eul mol la suh

nae ga jool soo eet neun ma eum man eu roh

nul ji kyuh nael yong gi up neun nal

sarang hae joo geht ni

nahn eek sook hae jyuh buh ryut ssuh

nuh eh ha yang oot seum ee ah chim eul ggae woo neun

na eh sal mi dwe uh ssuh

nan gi dae ha go eet suh ssuh

nuh eh ha roo eh do nae ga eet gi reul

duh ba ra ge dwaet ssuh

ga ggeum nuh eh noon bit sohk eh suh

na ah nin noo goon ga reul bol ddae myun

byuh rang ggeut eh sun deut jul mang ee nal ggae uht ssuh

nuh reul sarang hae do dwe geht ni

woo ri shi jak hae do dwe geht ni

na eh sang chuh man eun ga seum ee

nuh reul ool ge hal ji do mol la

sarang mal roh hal jool mol la suh

nuh reul ahn eul jool eul mol la suh

nae ga jool soo eet neun ma eum man eu roh

nul ji kyuh nael yong gi up neun nal

sarang hae joo geht ni

sarang mi duh bon jok up suh suh

sarang hae bon juhk do up suh suh

tung bin ga seum eu roh sal ah ga dun nal

ga deuk hee nun chae woo go eet ssuh

nuh eh sarang eu roh


do you already know about me?

i keep remembering your white smile

and i start laughing like a fool

perhaps my eyes are faster than me,

looking for you as they miss you

and i keep seeing you

i wasn't familiar with it

i never loved anyone before

though i try to erase you who is becoming larger

is it okay to for me to love you?

is it okay for us to start?

my heart with its many wounds

it may cause you to cry

i didn't know how to love with words

or how it would hold on to you

the only thing i can give you is my heart

but without the courage to protect you

will you still love me?

i've become familiar

your white smile awakening me in the morning

has become my meaning of life

i was expecting it

that even for a day i would be here for you

that has become my wish

every now and then

when i see someone else in your eyes

a despair awakens me as if it's the end of the cliff

is it okay for me to love you?

is it okay for us to start?

my heart with its many wounds

it may cause you to cry

i didn't know how to love with words

or how it would hold on to you

the only thing i can give you is my heart

but without the courage to protect you

will you still love me?

i never believed in love before

nor was i ever in love

i was living with a heart completely empty

which is now filling and spreading

with your love


loosely translated from original lyric:

조성모-너의 곁으로 (파리의 연인ost)

넌 알고 있니 난 말야

너의 하얀 웃음이 자꾸만 기억나

바보처럼 웃게 돼

나보다 먼저 내 눈이

니가 그리워 널 찾아 가는지

늘 너를 보게 돼

나는 익숙하지 않아서

누구도 사랑한 적 없어서

자꾸 커져가는 너를 지워보지만

너를 사랑해도 되겠니

우리 시작해도 되겠니

나의 상처 많은 가슴이

너를 울게 할지도 몰라

사랑 말로 할 줄 몰라서

너를 안을 줄을 몰라서

내가 줄 수 있는 마음만으로

널 지켜낼 용기없는 날

사랑해 주겠니

난 익숙해져 버렸어

너의 하얀 웃음이 아침을 깨우는

나의 삶이 되었어

난 기대하고 있었어

너의 하루에도 내가 있기를

더 바라게 됐어

가끔 너의 눈빛 속에서

나 아닌 누군가를 볼 때면

벼랑 끝에선 듯 절망이 날 깨웠어

너를 사랑해도 되겠니

우리 시작해도 되겠니

나의 상처 많은 가슴이

너를 울게 할지도 몰라

사랑 말로 할 줄 몰라서

너를 안을 줄을 몰라서

내가 줄 수 있는 마음만으로

널 지켜낼 용기없는 날

사랑해 주겠니

사랑 믿어본 적 없어서

사랑해본 적도 없어서

텅 빈 가슴으로 살아가던 날

가득히 넌 채우고 있어

너의 사랑으로

Romantic Love – 채은정 (Chae Eun Jung)

(Love's True Love's True Love's True Love's True)

우연히 만난 그대

운명이라고 말하고 싶어

말하지 않아도 느껴져

투명한 웃음 그 속에 숨겨진 나를

찾을 수 있었어 상큼한 향기

Romantic Love 너의 미소를 타고 내게로 와

어느새 맘 가득 던지고 달콤한 기분

Romantic Love 나의 눈빛을 타고 네게로 가

두 손을 우린 서로 잡고 걸어 가

(Love's True Love's True)

나와는 다른 너의 말투의 그녀 시작된 얘기

밤새도록 끝나지 않아

솔직한 눈빛 그 안에 감춰진 나를

볼 수 있었던 걸 상큼한 향기

Romantic Love 너의 미소를 타고 내게로 와

어느새 맘 가득 던지고 달콤한 기분

Romantic Love 나의 눈빛을 타고 네게로 가

사랑이 시작되게 된걸

서로의 오해는 시간에 묻어버린 채

(Love's True Love's True Love's True

Love's True Love's True Love's True)

Romantic love 나의 미소를 타고 내게로 와

어느새 맘 가득 던지고 달콤한 기분

Romantic Love 나의 눈빛을 타고 네게로 가

두 손을 우린 서로 잡고 걸어가

(Love's True Love's True Love's True

Love's True Love's True)

Credits: ShungLuV who reposted from Cix Lyrics

ah moo mal do ha ji mah yo – Soul Food (Track 15)

아무말도 하지마요 / 소울푸드

아무말도 하지 마요

그대 얘긴 변명을 뿐

이 순간만은 아무말도 하지 말아요

혹시라도 지금 내게 할말 있다면

다시 사랑한단 말 그 말이죠

그대 나를 바라보면

아무느낌 없단 듯이

태연한 척 그의 얘길 하곤 했었죠

확신없이 바라보는 나의 눈빛엔

이 순간이 올 것을 몰랐나요

왠지 그랬죠 그대를 처음 볼때부터

이런 이별을 준비해온거죠

그댈 지워내려 할수록

내 맘은 힘들지만

나 이제는 꿈에서 눈을 떠야죠

사랑한 기억에 또 눈물이 나도

이만하면 괜찮은 이별이죠

항상 그랬던 것 같죠

나와 함께 했던 수간

이미 그댄 익숙하단 표정이였죠

그럴때면 체념한듯 멍한 얼굴에

이 순간이 올 것을 몰랐나요

왠지 그렸죠 그대를 처음 볼때부터

이런 이별을 준비해온거죠 워~

그댈 지워내려 할수록

내 맘은 힘들지만

나 이제는 꿈에서 눈을 떠야죠

사랑한 기억에 또 눈물이 나도

이만하면 괜찮은 이별이죠

이런말하고 돌아가는 내내

후회할걸 난 알죠

그대 나만큼 아파할 수는 있나요

깊은 사랑만큼 힘들지라도

견딜수는 있겠죠~우

마지막 그댈위한 선물이니까...

그댈 지워내려 할수록

내 맘은 힘들지만

나 이제는 꿈에서 눈을 떠야죠

사랑한 기억에 또 눈물이 나도

그댈 지울꺼에요

이젠 지울꺼에요

아무런 말하지마요 잊어요~

Credits: Bludawn

nuh ha na man (Jo Sung Mo)

a jik ha ji mot han ma ri man heun de

a jik joo ji mot han gut do man heun de

i byu ri ran hang sang gap ja gi wa suh

byun myung jo cha joon bi hal soo ga up suh

wae keu rae ssuh i rul mal ha gi kka ji

do dae che ul ma na hon ja suh oon guh ya

ba bo gat i keu gut do mo reu ko uhl him deul ge haet duhn

nae ga duh mi woo jyuh

*nuh ha na man a moo mal an hae do

na eui noon man bwa do nae ma eum eul

al gon haet jan ha

nuh ha na man boo di haeng bok ha ra neun

in sa do jin shim i a nin guhl da al jan ha

jab go ship eun ma eum eul deul gil kka bwa

moo seun ma reul han ji do mo reu ge ssuh

sa rang i ran ga ggeum gu ji seul mal hae

o hi ryuh duh ki peun sang chuh reul joo nae

gi ok ha ni na ha na man i sseu myuhn

i se sang uh di deun chuhn hollywood i dwe da myuh

a i chuh ruhm hwan han oo seum eu ro

nae uh dom ma juh do balk hyu joon nuh jan ha

*nuh ha na man a moo mal an hae do

na eui noon man bwa do nae ma eum eul

al gon haet jan ha

nuh ha na man boo di haeng bok ha ra neun

in sa do jin shim i a nin guhl da al jan ha

ka ji ma nan nuh yuh ya man hae

nuh ha na ppoon in guhl nuhn uhn je kka ji na

na ral jan ha sa rang han sa ram do

a peu ro sa rang hal sa ram do nuh

ha na ppoon i ya

ni ap e suhn nuh moo suh tool gi man han na ji man

nae mam mo reu ni keu ruhl soo man it da myun

nuh wa nae ga seum eul ba kkool ten de.

Credits: Mingyue Shulien



General Information


1. Who in the world is Yoon Ah??? I mean it in the sense like who is she such tat KJ's father was so eager to marry her to him? Okie...and I gathered she was Tae Young's friend/classmate?!? But, she's always snubbing Tae Young? How did she (Yoon Ah) end up working in GD anyway? Is it like a family arrangement of sorts?

Yoonah is Tae Yong's high school friend (I'm not sure if we can say friend...they went to the same high school).

The thing about Yoonah is developing. Supposedly, KJ's dad had financial troubles and then Yoonah's family helped them out (I think it may have been kinda illegal though) and so the deal was that KJ would marry Yoonah then. She worked there cause she asked KJ's dad to put her in the company (esp. in TY's department) b/c "since KJ is such a busy person, at least they can see each other more in the company workplace).


3. hmms...tho this is not quite that important but I was just wondering what's Tae Young's qualifications? Just assuming that if she was Yoon Ah's classmate, she should have pretty alright qualifications...so why is she doing all the weird odd jobs? I mean is it really that difficult to get a job in the cinema such that she was so grateful to KJ's ex-wife for giving her a job there? Or it was like such a big favour that KJ's ex-wife was doing for Tae Young...

She's interested in film. She said her dream was to produce a film I think, in teh beginning when they were in Paris. She has all these odd jobs strictly so she can earn some money. She needs to pay back the debt to KJ b/c he paid for it so she could get her dad's camera back. And it's not hard to get a job in the cinema but (1) the ex-wife told her all the jobs were taken and (2) if somebody doesn't like you, then obviousely it's harder to get a job or if you don't have any connections. I don't think it was a favor, I think that KJ's ex-wife has some other reasons. According to the character descriptions, I think she does everything eventually to help out TY and KJ b/c she does raelize that KJ really does like TY and since it's the first time he's ever felt anything like that.

Credits: Soo Jung

Episode 1

Life in Paris…

The first meeting… TY, KJ, SH

Episode 2

Would you like to sleep over…

Episode 3

Trip to Venice…

Back to Korea…

Episode 4

Ae gi yah ka jah!!!

Episode 5

Are you having a fever?

Starting work at GD

Episode 6

Working overtime at GD

TY’s uncle finally gets arrested because he was filming that movie with those girls. He didn't pay them for a long time & he goes to the police... I think he's getting sued so he would land in jail as he can't afford an attorney.

Meanwhile TY is FURIOUS with her uncle & yells at him saying you're a bad man! You deserve to be in jail- I can't get you an attorney cos I don't have the money. The uncle was like what am I going to do for food & where am I going to go for sleep? She replied: the jail has food & you can sleep there! But deep inside- TY wants to help her uncle & she goes outside on the police station steps & cries... SH finds her & tells her you were too harsh, we all know you don't mean it... Lean on me but she didn't so he grabs her shoulder & puts her head on his shoulder. TY cries & says what am I going to do? SH says he'll do whatever he can to get her uncle out of jail... but then he goes to his uncle & tells KJ that SH can't do anything as he has no power but KJ does. SH also says you would have helped her anyways...

SH feels so helpless that he can't do anything for TY so he rides around in a motorcycle the whole night & ends up getting 6 tickets. KJ calls attorney Kim & the attorney figures everything out since it was an easy case. TY's uncle comes out of jail & TY is happy but has no clue that KJ was the one who made everything alright. While the secretary/KJ & attorney Kim were talking- attorney Kim commented that this lady must be a very important person for him to help her directly. After talking to KJ, attorney Kim goes to SH's dad's office where Yoonah is talking to KJ's dad. Attorney Kim thinks that the "special lady" is Yoonah so he' said, yeah the case with your uncle went smoothly. Yoonah was shocked and said, “I don't have an uncle” & then everything gets revealed to both the dad & Yoonah by accident. Yoonah then confronts TY and said that she’s so rude & tells her of KJ’s involvement in her uncle's case.

TY is flabbergasted & she rushes to KJ's office. She goes inside and says "if you're not busy, talk to me" & KJ says "wait a second. You're gonna yell huh? Close the door". So she closes the door & she repeats "if you're not busy..." but he says "I am busy". So she says "you are busy huh? Ok I'll come back another time." KJ was kind of taken aback because TY looks all frazzled. KJ asks "uh what's the matter?" & TY says "you know everything, before I opened the door I was gonna yell at you but as soon as I opened the door I realized it's nothing to yell at you for." KJ says "you wanna have tea?" & TY says "I thought you were busy." KJ says "I am busy..." then looks up at TY & says "do you always believe that easily? Or do you believe everything I said". So they went to the sushi place but TY doesn't eat & is all silent. Then TY says "about my uncle- how did you know?" KJ says "if you're gonna say thank you I'll pretend like I already heard it. Instead buy the sushi". Then TY says "who says I'm thankful? Who said for you to butt in & help me? There're some stuff I wanna hide too you know, 9why are you making me embarrassed?" & RIGHT afterwards she says, "sorry that this is the only way I could say thank you to you" KJ was taken aback & is like "I know, which class did you sleep in? PE? this other class?" Then both laughed. TY says that your dad knows and if that’s ok? KJ reveals that it was SH who asked him for help...and TY rushed off to confront SH who confessed his love for her.

*SH did declare his love for her at the end of the episode when she went to go yell at him cos he had interfered w/the uncle's arrest and everything (she was yelling cause she didn't want KJ to get in trouble).

Credits: Chicade

Episode 7

Tae Yong = TY

KiJoo = KJ

TY & KJ both enter the swimming pool

TY: why are we here?

KJ: you said you had something to say, it’s just a place I come often…when I want to be alone, it’s quiet and nice. Not sure what you want to talk about, but wouldn’t it be nice if it was quiet?

TY: yes, what’s the talk about the camera and the monthly payment being paid?

KJ: I paid it, is there something wrong?

TY: isn’t that obvious? You fooled me

KJ: yes I fooled you, you don’t like things being taken care of with money but that’s all I know how to take care of stuff, with money…. Because I am like my dad

TY: it’s not because your like your dad, but because Han KiJoo as a person can’t do better

KJ: if it really matters that much, you can always earn money and repay back

TY: your such a bad person [okay note; I can’t really say it means bad, or rude… ]

KJ: [silence for a while] all the ladies usually say that, that you’re so bad

TY: it’s because you don’t think for other people’s emotion, but do as you please…. Make a person angry before being able to say sorry… and cant even say sorry because got angry before

KJ: do one at a time, if mad… say you’re mad, if sorry… say you’re sorry

TY: I already got angry at you … [sighs] I’ll repay you back after I earn money! Promise… I’ll leave now [leaves…]

KJ: [turns around] lets have a drink, have a drink with me, with no other feelings but as a friend

TY is playing with the pool water

KJ: once in a movie they said there’s a alcohol drink called choisangmongsah when drinking it, you erase all the memories of then……I added some in our drink

TY: wait no, drink it first

KJ: okay….[drinks] who are you? [TY laughs] I really can’t remember

TY: oh… then… you don’t recall how I was just mad at you?

KJ: you were angry?

TY: oh…nono… I wasn’t angry, I said I was thankful that you found my camera

KJ: what camera?

TY: you really can’t remember

KJ: come to think of it, I haven’t drank with you before…

TY: you said you didn’t remember… but… did you just say ‘you’?

KJ: why don’t like it?

TY: no no... it’s just awkward, you usually state as Kang Tae Yong or that side..

KJ: it’s because I don’t need to call you KangTaeYoung every time

TY: oh… you shouldn’t do as you please just because I’m your employee… at work I always formalize you as the president

KJ: you don’t need to call me that anymore…. From tomorrow on I wish you wouldn’t come to work….

TY: excuse me?

KJ: from now on you are fired … do you understand me? From now on you are fired


note: that alcohol drink… in formal terms means living like a drunkard and dying like a dreamer

Credits: sorry, can’t find the post now. If you translated this let us know.

Episode 8

so that scene starts when TY confronts KJ about her dad's camera which he already had in possession but didn't tell her... so then he takes her to the pool side to talk.. so then TY is like 'you make it so difficult to thank you and be angry at you' or something like that and she goes on, and on about how she wanted to thank him but it's hard cos she's pissed at him and stuff. Then KJ says she should do one thing at a time. Thank him and then be mad.

At one point KJ calls her 'you' and TY acts really caught off guard and comments how he never calls her 'you' but is always calling her 'Tae Young sshi' or 'the other person' when addressing her... and then she goes she always calls him 'director' at work no matter what and KJ says she won't have to anymore after today cuz she's fired. TY is shocked. Then KJ repeats 'didn't you hear, you're fired from this moment on'… and then TY is like 'you can't just fire me' and KJ says 'I have the power to fire anyone for whatever reason'... and TY still wants a reason and KJ says 'I got tired of seeing you'.

So then TY tells KJ, 'I don't know how to swim'… and falls into the water. He dives in to save her but she swam away. After they both got out, he yelled at her. She says 'I lied to you. I'm a really good swimmer but it seems you lied to me too about being tired of seeing me.'

TY was really upset when she had to leave the company. She told SH that he can like her when she thought that KJ didn't like her anymore b/c at the beginning of Ep. 8, KJ fires her and basically doesn't come see her anymore. But I think she does care for SH, maybe not in a romantic way but definately as a friend, etc.

Credits: sorry, can’t find the post now. If you translated this let us know.

Episode 9

Kijoo declines to get married, goes into the engagement room, states his opinion and leaves SooHyuk to take care of the business. Kijoo then drives to Tae Yong’s car washing job and they both talk.

She basically is asking him why he came to see her today and what happened at the engagement and he's saying let's eat but she's saying that she doesn't have the appetite but he wants her to stay cause he doesn't want to eat alone and that at least she could sit there (like a drawing). He says that as a habit, when things aren't going well, he eats. And then later, he basically says, after, let's do this stuff...let's do dateish stuff (like going on a hike together or going to a place w/lots of people and he'll put his arms around her, (date type of activities)).

Somehow they both go to TY’s house and he stays for the night!!

As they were lying down, she basically gives him the pillow cos SH was like, uncle can't sleep w/high/big pillows. KJ basically said afterwards, thank you and how he would have been uncomfortable anywhere else (that this place is the most comfortable).

SooHyuk sees his uncle’s car that’s parked near TY’s house and gets upset….

TY just apologizes and asks why he didn't come in to the house yesterday (since he revealed that he was there all night long). He basically says that he doesn't like how she's treating his uncle like that (or why she has to treat the uncle like that) and that this is the last time that he'll allow this. She gets up to go return the money to KJ and she apologizes since SH basically doesn't want her to see the uncle anymore.

she's also just really uncomfortable, so she leaves to avoid the weird situation, but as she leaves, she feels really bad- so she's like, I'm sorry, next time we see each other, let's listen to the mp3 player together

Yoonah somehow finds out that Kijoo stayed over at TY’s place.

Yoonah is saying back away from "my man" and Yoonah says something along the lines of other then KJ being divorced, a man, his name is HKJ, that he's the sajang, etc. etc. etc., what else do you know about him (basically she's repeating what KJ asked her in the very beginning when he broke off the engagement, he was saying that they don't know anything about each other, etc. etc. etc.). And then TY replies, that she does know alot about him (this translation is very broad and from what I'm trying to remember). That even though he has everything, he has nothing. He's never collected money in a piggy bank, he's never eaten ddokbokki or soondae on the streets, he's never cried in front of a person comfortably, he has lots of memories but not lots of happy memories, he's never dreamed of a different life other than being a sajang in the company, etc. etc. etc."

I don't know, KJ kinda has this one stone-walled face that he uses most of the time so he may look not ecstatic but I think it's just showing how TY is able to realize all this stuff about him that people normally don't notice about him.

TY gets a job at CSV… TY goes to the company to return Kijoo’s belongings that he left at her house…. both finding their feelings for each other… Kijoo’s dad then comes into the office… Kijoo takes TY who’s trying to leave to his father and introduces him as the girl that he likes….

**btw CSV is actually CGV in real life.. it's the movie theatre that her friend and the exwife works at... well the exwife is the owner...**

Credits: Chicade

Episode 10

KJ basically told his dad that this is the woman that he likes and that he will have a relationship that he has never had before. And that he knows that the father will not approve but then the father says all this insulting stuff to TY, like she must be pregnant (if TY wants to be w/KJ or vice versa) and that if TY is, then he'll give her money or he'll take the kid and raise them but leave KJ alone. KJ basically says something about how if he's anything like his father, he'll at least stand by his woman, etc.

When KJ send TY home

Afterwards, when he took her home? In that moment, he apologizes for taking her there but that he does really like her (b/c she doubted what he was saying, thinking that he just said it just so that they could both get benefits, like he could get out of the relationship and that she could get some money) and that he's never done this type of stuff (Relationship stuff) but that he does really like her, etc.

TY cooked for him.

First of all, she cooks him ddokbokki (since he's never had it). When he comes in, he brings a new fan (he keeps on asking if her uncle is there too...). He says something about how he wanted to buy her a new bathroom but he didn't know where to buy it and this is instead of flowers and she jokingly says that if he was going to buy her a fan, then he should have bought her a refrigerator (b/c she kinda said when he slept over that the ice machine was broken) and how she even gave him hints yesterday. He says that he'll go back and buy one or if she needs anything else and then she says she was joking and he says he was joking too.

I think they then start eating and then he says it's yummy (when she asks) but he says it's a littel bit spicy and how she likes spicy stuff but he replies that he doesn’t' like spicy stuff. Then she asks him if he likes sweet stuff and he replies that he dislikes it even more (the two of them together, which is basically what ddokbokki is). So then she grabs it and says that she'll eat it all and why he's eating it and saying it's yummy if he doesn't like spicy and sweet stuff. And then he asks her why when he's eating something that's yummy she takes it away and if that's how she treats all guests and the happy face's strangely yummy.

KJ talks to SH

At the pub, they didn’t talk much. I think that SH just goes to see TY and then after TY and SH meet, SH goes home and KJ and SH talk (This is cute and funny too).

He basically reveals that it was TY that he met and then they start talking. From what I recall, they both ask each other if they really like TY. (I think it's more of SH asking KJ if he really does, not just b/c of the engagement and then KJ reveals that he also knows that SH likes TY.) Somewhere along the conversation, SH says that he was rejected though and KJ says he was too and they both are like, how can she reject both of us, she's not even that good-looking (bad traits, like her nostrils are really large, loud voice, etc. etc.) and that eventually they say that they are rivals but that SH is better looking and also experienced in relationships (putting him in an advantage) but KJ asks if he has the willingness to do it and KJ leaves saying he has a date tomorrow and needs to sleep and then SH kinda has that look of laughter and then seriousness, b/c he realizes it's w/TY.

TY talks to SH at the roadside stall

Basically that he's a good friend and that he doesn't want to be friends. He gives her back the hairbrush and how he knows where her heart is but not to go any further. Look at him and then (I think) if she still wants to go, then he'll let her go...something like that. I'm not quite sure, I didn't really watch this part actually...

Credits: Chicade

Episode 11

TEXT MSG: ki joo - (something something) if you want 1:1 meeting, press one.

tae young - if I don't want to, which number?

kj - there's only one.

ty - where are you?

kj - let's meet

What hapens is that at the end, before the kiss, KJ was invited to this party for ice hockey lovers... (but rich people only) and right after he left, moon Yoonah came to his office and saw the invitation and called TY and SH to meet together at that place....even though they both didn’t want to go out, she told them she had something to talk about them two. So Yoonah first meets KJ and tells everyone she's the fiancée. Later when TY arrives, she bumps into this man who is "supposedly" KJ's friend. She says sorrie and then he thought she was cute and asks her to drink w/him. She says no and tells him she is meeting a friend. She meets everyone....KJ and Yoonah and the friend outside and as soon as they meet again, TY tries to leave but Yoonah stops her and then the (evil friend) notices her and says lets drink, leave your friend with KJ and lets drink...(while he's talking he touches her shoulder and keep on bothering her. TY just moves her shoulder and doesn’t say anything. KJ gets furious and tells him to remove his hands from her shoulder...and the friend doesn’t listen....

Then KJ says, remove your hands from MY GIRL! And then punches him and says I told you to remove your hands from my girl!!!!

KJ takes TY's hand and head somewhere else

He says:

what are you doing right now? Are you stupid? Can't you talk? Don't you have a mouth? Why didn’t you tell him to remove his hands?

and then she says:

of course I wanted to tell him that but I couldn’t, I thought he was your friend, so I didn’t want to be mean to your friend, I cared about you

he says:

he’s not my friend, I don’t have friends like that.

(yelling) why didn’t you tell him that I’m your boyfriend? that I’m the guy you like!

She says

how could I? Like this? *she wasn’t dressed up like everyone else, she wore baggy pants* I couldn’t tell people that you were my boyfriend just for my sake! I cared about you and I didn’t want to make people think bad of you!

THEN HE KISSES HER, and she is crying throughout all this

Credits: Chicade

Episode 12

After kissing, and both sitting in front of the pool

"don't think of anything, and just follow me... there will be hard times, but I'll promise you something! I won't make you cry" and TY reply, “I’m not sure how hard it'll be, but I'm not afraid of crying, but keep that promise"

Soohyuk being shocked that KJ and TY are together, decides to change things… SH tells KJ at an ice hockey ring that he likes TY a lot…but KJ says he has a lot of things in possession but one thing he doesn’t have is TY, SH ask if he’ll give everything up for her, KJ says yes…

SH: "I've lost everything from you, you have taken everything from me, mom, the company you have anything, you never asked others to help, lived all your life without knowing the feeling of people taking stuff from you, being hurt....but not me, uncle, your not a good guy, you have so much to keep but not I... I have nothing to guide except Tae Yong... I love Tae Yong, uncle please a favour..."

And what does kijoo say?????

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry Soo Hyuk... like you say I have a lot of stuff, from the outside… but if I was asked to give up everything and decide on one thing, I'll take Tae Young.. I'll take that one, Kang Tae Yong!!"

"even when you loose me?"

"even though.."

TY being called by KJ’s dad….he wants YA to marry KJ and making plans…. Also talking poorly about her, TY tries to calm down her temper…YA informing her she shouldn’t hurt SH…KJ finds out YA was planning things and gets upset, KJ disliking that telling her to back off then YA says his dad called TY … so he runs off to his dad…

Kijoo calling Tae Yong after she visits his dad [company's lobby]

"hello, can't you hear me?......*laughs*..... why is everyone at the theatre, making my girlfriend exhausted??" kekekkekkee "want to eat together?... (Tae Yong saying she already ate).... disgraceful"

[chi sah hae...that doesnt really mean disgraceful.... nor shameful... hmm..

TY meets SH in front of a theatre …making her get into the car, KJ watching from behind….TY tells SH that she loves KJ, confessing her true feelings…and SH lets her leave

YA’s mom is hurrying up the marriage, and KJ tells them that his feelings is more important….KJ’s dad gives TY’s uncle money and a ticket to Paris …..Both him and YA’s mom making her miserable…

Yoonah and her mom are definitely planning something. (No idea what) and they were even at KJ's sister's boutique picking out stuff. Something must have transpired there cos Yoonah was looking at the sister suspiciously....

Afterwards I think... (can't remember the sequence now) Yoonah's mom went to TY's house. She was really nasty to TY and the little boy saw it. TY consoled the boy but went out to watch a show after that since she was feeling so down. During her absence, KJ visited her. I THINK the little boy must have told KJ what happened and he felt really bad(?). Afterwards he took her to this lounge [ I am thinking that its at the Grand Hyatt hotel - can't really see from the clip now - where most part of this show was filmed anyyay...the pool scene, the kissing scene and now the singing scene. and to cheer her up, he decided to play the piano and sing for her. He started off singing a nursery rhyme and suddenly switched to this romantic song. She was totally blown off her feet of course.

KJ tries to make her feel better and performs for her [playing the piano and singing]…

The singing part!

"na bi yah~~~ na bi yah~~~"

"I'm going to sing, I'm not good at it... but to those who doesn't want to hear it.. you can leave at any moment (Tae Yong stands up to leave) oh, you you there pink... you can sit" hahaha~

Glassbox's song - (Is It Okay to Love You?)


Yurisangja *Can I love you?*


The door is opening, you come in

I knew at first sight that you were mine

Your face that shone as you came toward me

Is so beautiful it can make me blind

I don't know why but it's not strange

But my heart is fluttering

You took all of my heart

*I want to tell you carefully

I want to be brave

Can I love you from today?

It's the first time

I don't want to lose this obvious feeling

I think love is going to come

I'll give you only good things

I don't know why but it's not strange

But my heart is fluttering

You took all of my heart

I endured a lot of goodbyes and a lot of tears

So it's a little late, but I think I finally met you

Can I love this person that's sitting in front of me?

I'll confess to you with my pounding heart


Can I love you?

And SH coming into the company’s design team….

But, you can tell that SH is going into direct competition with KJ. Of course, SH shaved and changed his look. You see a scene of them each putting on their attire to go to work and it’s like button shirt (KJ) then button shirt (SH)...then putting on tie (KJ) and putting on tie (SH). When they both came out of their rooms, you can imagine the shock on both KJ and his sister's faces. Subsequently, they went to work together. KJ asks Chairman Choi to show SH around (I think) and SH was assigned to be in the car-design department. Over there, he declared that his gf will always be first and that he will love his car designs as much as he loves his gf

TY finds out her uncle received money and runs off to KJ’s dad with it and………………………..

Credits: Chicade

Episode 13

afterwards Tae Yong declines to get a ride from Kijoo’s car and gets inside the bus… What does Kijoo do? Follows her inside the bus… and after they got off the bus he tell hers “need to tell you something” ……..

They filmed a scene of KJ on the 21st ,[in Korea] saying to TY

“Let’s live together, don’t think to long”

[although a similar scene was aired on the 18th at the bar, asking TY to live with him… this time it’s quite serious!!]

KJ’s dialogue was the following…

“If it’s hard to answer, be comfortable and choose one…

[3 choices for Tae Yong..]

First, if it’s YES, we get married now

Second, if you decline I’ll force you to get married..

Third, if you wish to think more about it, I’ll give you ONE day, and get married tomorrow”

But Tae Yong says they should get engaged before getting married…

They go on a date with limited money. KJ stepped on an ahjuma’s apple and had to pay her. They were really broke.

She was thirsty and wanted to drink. At the vending machine, he pretended like the money wouldn’t go in b/c he wanted to save since they only had $10 to spend the whole day with, and he didn't want to waste it on a drink, so he pretended like the machine didn't work.

During the preview, KJ's "father" says that he could get engaged. I have a feeling he said that b/c he feels bad that he's kept the secret of him and SH being siblings? He also said that he wouldn’t allow TY into their house.

Credits: Chicade

.... to be continued in the next post

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Guest thunderbolt

Wow, blinkz, superb job with the links! THANKS!! *muark*


Episode guides (cont'd)

(posted by blinkz)

Episode 14


... it's a very cute episode. Ranging from TY teaches KJ how to text messages, to where they shop for suit and dress, to buying the rings, to the engagement ceremony. It was very bliss!

It was really the perfect engagement party, except for two, err... make that 5 sour faces (old man, kihye, yoonah, yoonah's mom and the mr choi). The bride was blushing and the groom was nervous. Actually, two of them were so so nervous... but was hoping that they would be a little more expressive with their love though. I mean I like all the sweet loving looks they give each other... but a few hugs prolly won't kill.

OTHER episode scenes -

- Ki Joo's new Hair Cut

- Tae Young's ring..

- Kijoo and Tae Young becoming real couples

- Yoonah.. sad!

- The dressing room scene!!! hehehehe too funny! My favourite look of love has to be the part at the bridal shop, after she tried on her dress and was making all that whimpering noise (trying to act sexy I suppose)... Wah...the look that they gave each other was priceless!!!

- The engagement party... waaaahhh so perfect!!! I can Understand why chicade wanted to cry... too happy! half the time I forget its only an engagement party because I look at them and I think.. they're getting MARRIED!!

- Tae Yong suggested she should become an actress, and kijoo strongly disapproved hahaha

[this is when, Tae Yong went with the cake and the gift from seungkyung/exwife to kijoo and he asked her to stop working there... and she said she's figuring out what she'll want to do in life... she did major in film... so she suggested acting! and kijoo said "do you still not look in the mirror these days? "haha ... just a short explaination of that scene ^__^]

3) Other Q/A's -

What were the questions asked during the engagement and what did the couple reply?

[first reporter, female on the left]

"is it true, you were a housekeeper?"

ty: yes, it's true...the monthly payment was never late, that was the most I liked

[second reporter, male on the right]

"in what did you find her attractive the most, han kijoo president?"

kj: uhh...the way she ate the cake, was pretty,she was pretty

[the third reporter, male in the middle]

"after a night you became a cinderella.. how do you feel?"

ty: yes, I am not a cinderella...I'm just a normal gril loving a guy.. the guy being rich is just another trait ... like how he's tall, can sing, has a dimple when smiles.... it's just another persoanlity he carries..

Credits: Chicade

Episode 15

After the ceremony, KJ brings TY somewhere special… Because in the car he said.. we need to go somewhere. And TY was like "I need to change, I cant go like this". And he said "its okay, the person will like it even more".

At the grave, KJ says father in law…she was so pretty so I brought her here for you. I like calling you father in law, father in law. I wont make her cry. We'll live happily. [she starts crying] KJ says, she isn’t crying because she's sad. Something went into her eye probably. [turns to her] why are you crying? What would he think? Say something to him…And TY says… father, we'll live happily, please let nobody be sad because of us

The first night together at a CampingCar /RV truck haha ^^

[Koreans don’t really have a campsite like the states…so it’s really rare!]

Honeymoon time!! Both main characters on the 28th went to KyungKiDo to the “Troute Valley” (??) for their Honeymoon. It’s a campsite with a park + lake + fishing area…

They had a bbq when KJ got burned. Before the burnt scene, a sms came from seungkyung saying that she congratulate them but couldn’t bear to go to the engagement ceremony. TY saw the message and was like WHOOPS... I better not read it but KJ tries to 'reassure' her and told her to read it

so what did they do that night ?? ..

Infront of the camping car/site they made a campfire [inthis summer heat?!?!?!?!] and made promise to ‘love each other’ … Kijoo closed her eyes and escorted her somewhere, and it had a heart shaped candle lit fire? [or something of that sort] … and kijoo proposed saying “After meeting you, it has been the happiest moments in my life”

She was asking like stuff like… most memorable book

What would you do if you won the lotto

And than he asked questions. And KJ’s answer and questions were all dealing with CARS and BUSINESS. His first question was... what would you buy..jeep or car but it's funny cuz kijoo really doesnt know anything else EXCEPT cars hahaha

And she's like "i'm not listening.. no. different question, what's your most memorial moment in life". When taeyoung was asking "happiest moment in your life" and was plugging her ears..

KJ unplugged her ears…and says, ‘now’.

Well after that, the scene somewhat moved into the next morning.. so we don’t get a glimpse of them sleeping haha ^^

Soohyuk hears that Kijoo is his brother from Mr.Choi, and is in shock…

After the engagement ceremony everyone bids them farewell for their honeymoon…but Soohyuk isn’t to fond of it…Soohyuk goes straight to Mr.Moon and ask him to confess the truth, he although tells him to stay put and keep quiet so Kijoo won’t get hurt. Also stating that he needs Mr.Han’s support for his business and ask for help. And while leaving he also hears from Mr.Moon that Kijoo’s father already passed away. For the honeymoon Kijoo and Tae Yong stays at a campsite for their first night together ^^… Tae Yong is happy..

Kihye reveals her past to Mr. Han [her father] and ask what he’ll do for Kijoo now…he just tells her to watch over them for now. And Soohyuk appears all wet from the rain, and Kihye watches over him all night…when he awakes he looks at Kihye with sadness and goes to the office/company the next morning.

Mr.Choi confesses to Soohyuk, he’s after the company..and Soohyuk tells him that he’s just after one person, to put him down..[i guess this means, he want Kijoo to be in misery]

Kijoo and Tae Yong comes to meet Mr. Han to the company, and to their guess he is very cold to them. Once the couple leaves the office, Mr. Han ask his secretary to get started on his ‘plan’ [oooh plan??]

Seungjoon who caught Soohyuk and Mr. Choi talking, warned Soohyuk not to be involved with Mr.Choi, but Soohyuk doesn’t give a second thought… Soohyuk then meets up with Yoona to make her his ‘side’… Yoona accepts this agreement…

Tae Yong meets up with Soohyuk, asking to be friends…Soohyuk who doesn’t want to hurt Tae Yong in the process, is in deep thought…

Tae Yong then goes to meet Kihye, but she still doesn’t acknowledge her … And since Mr.Han’s secretary is following Tae Yong she’s annoyed.

Kijoo ask his father to have a meal with Tae Yong, And goes to meet Soohyuk…ends up fighting with him, for his frustration of how Soohyuk’s attitude has changed.. and Kijoo being more upset that he is fighting with Soohyuk. [i read in an article Soohyuk told Kijoo that since they’re blood is different he’s able to punch/hit Soohyuk, whereas Soohyuk although very mad at Kijoo can’t dare punch/hit him… *so Kijoo at this point gets a hint what Soohyuk is saying??.. how they have the same mom but different dad?? Dunno! Gotta watch the episode to figure this out….] Soohyuk now gets more intense over his work … Soohyuk finds out Kijoo’s friend attends the rival company JMotors; Park JungHak [i believe this is the guy Kijoo punch for ‘macking’ on Tae Yong? Haha] And Soohyuk makes “plans” [suppose he’ll lure the other company into this and make Kijoo’s position difficult] and Mr.Choi would be in charge of this “plan” …

- The ‘French’ Dance…

After hitting SH, KJ was at the apartment and asked TY to joined him there. *dunno what transpired* but she saw that he was really sad. So she went and switch off the lights and asked him to dance. He said no... Then, he's teling her how beautiful she is... how he can see her heart..and he's in love with that..and he only dances with one girl...

She understands and asks... 'should I... hug you?'

when you get a scar you put bandaid around it

so when your heart is hurting/scar.. like a bandaid.. I'll hug you

And they hugged...

Kijoo hears something related to this plan, about how their company’s bank [DaeHan Bank] is making arrangements with JMotors, at a golf course… so obviously he goes~

Kijoo tells the company’s bank representative to show a perfect play or else GD Motors will cut all contact with that bank… [meaning if the bank holds hands with JMotors do it well, or stay out of it..?] and Finally [the last scene] Tae Yong goes to Kijoo’s house… trying to calm herself down…..

Golf scene

KJ asked seungjoon if he has a golfset. The ‘friend’ said 'since the golf set is expensive the swing came out nice'.

Well after that guy swing, he said he just bought a new golfset so he's not use to it

So kijoo said, referring to Jack Nicholas…that never distrust your golfset or something along the line. While KJ was swinging, the ‘friend’ was laughing at his golfset and asked how much is that. KJ says Seungjoon bought it 2nd hand and it was 450bucks… Seungjoon said that Kijoo doesn’t play golf that much. And kijoo swung...and it was good

KJ says, it is the golf set that hits the ball but it's me who swings the golf club. Later, after KJ has won, he asked Seungjoon (or the other way round) if was it really 450bucks and KJ/SJ says no, it was 250 bucks. KJ said, "so what? we won a 4,500 bucks golf clubs"

Then, he called Tae Yong. He asked, are you off work? Remember we're eating at my house. I’ll pick you up.

Preview to Episode 16

ty: "your uncle isnt here"

sh: "good im here to see you"


sh: "I wont loose you... nobody will take you away from me... your mine"

Kihye said 'what about soohyuk? I heard about you from soohyuk first instead of kijoo'. KH says to her dad, 'I was forced to have a kid, that I didn’t want... and that kid is my son... how can both of my son like the same girl? I rather make them both cry instead of one being happy'

Credits: Chicade answers blinkiz

Episode 16

1) Mr.Han invites Kijoo & Tae Yong for dinner at the house.

Tae Yong tries hard to get close with the family, but everyone is being cold.

During the meal, Tae Yong receives cold stares/looks.

Mr.Han informs that Pilbo [Tae Yong’s uncle] has already received money to prepare for the wedding, yet Tae Yong never heard about this. As Mr.Han planned Tae Yong tells him she never heard about this from her uncle. Philbo also tells Tae Yong that he doesn’t know where the money went, that it was in his jacket pocket, but disappeared. Mr.Han planned for this and makes Tae Yong’s situation difficult. The money inside of Philbo’s jacket was taken from Mr.Han’s secretary Mr.Choi.

2) Tae Yong gets in the passenger seat in Kijoo’s car and starts relieving her stress by telling him what happened. Kijoo feels bad. As a reminder of the first time they met in France, Kijoo makes arrangements with Tae Yong. To get an studio/apartment for himself and Tae Yong leaving postit notes and cleaning his studio for him, rethinking of their France memories.

3) Soohyuk, plans to interfere with Kijoo’s work. And asking Yoonha to be on his side, she deliberately asking Mr.Han to retake Tae Yong back to her old position/job. Soohyuk then contacts JMotors and ask to set their plans ahead of time before Kijoo, yet they can’t seem to finish off their duty because of a glitch in the bank, so Mr.Choi helps JMotors with this…Kijoo found out about this and tries to resolve it… Kijoo figures out there someone passing information to JMotors but doesn’t realize it’s Soohyuk…………….

translated by chicade

Credits: Chicade

Episode 17

Soohyuk suddenly corners Tae Yong to the wall holding her wrist and yelling “I’ll bring down Kijoo, until I have you. I will never let you go” And at that precise moment Kijoo comes into the apartment, with an awkward silence Tae Yong tries to resolve things. And separately both Tae Yong and Soohyuk departs.

Tae Yong, meets with Soohyuk and confesses that she has no feeling for him what so ever excluding as a friend a nephew, Soohyuk response; Don’t need a friend, if I can’t have you, it’s better to forget it. Kijoo is still having difficulties with the bank and can’t resolve the situation.

Mr.Choi and Soohyuk are sitting having their meetings for their plans, Soohyuk hates himself for rousing up a plan, but still sticks with it.

Since Kijoo is having a hard time at work, Tae Yong tries to bring his spirits up and holds a little ‘come back’ party [??????? But that ‘come back’ in Korean also means farewell, no idea which translations I was suppose to use]. Soohyuk awaits for Tae Yong at her house, “I’ll let you go, if you’ll just hug me for once” but Tae Yong greets him with a gloomy face, Soohyuk just quietly gives her his handkerchief and leaves.

Kijoo and Soohyuk gets invited to JMotor’s new releasing press interview/conference, and Kijoo is surprised to see the new car lineups……….Tae Yong hears the truth from Yoonha and can’t believe her ears and is about to faint……….

[truth? About kijoo? What car line up? Is it Soohyuk’s design for JMotor’s?? oooooooh]

The broken stuff on the floor:

vase.. soohyuk sorta knocked it over when cornering ty

because after the scene where he finds her in the white shirt..

SH was screaming at her saying if he cant have her he will just forget about her

and that even so he cant have her.. he wont give up easily and she said.. that she doesnt like him like that.. and if she cant be friends, she rather have nothing to do with him

Wat ki joo called tae young when he bought tae young drink

- he did sniff her saying he liked her hair smell better

yoonha giving taeyoung all that work

kj's expression is priceless!!!!!!!!

they text msg again to each other

TY: 'how was your battle/war did you win?'

and i actually forgot what he replied it as

but she said 'should i hug you like last tiem?' or was it comfort you...

and he said 'shall we meet'

the part where they are laughing at the couple falling off the bycicle hahaha

the couple was betting on if the girl fell or not

ty saying she'll wont fall and the guy will catch her cuz the guy loves her. kj saying she'll fall because the guy loves her and wants her to learn how to ride the bike..and the betting was 3 wishes...kj won... ty said say it within 3 seconds..and after 1...2.. the scene changed and she's like "are you SURE you want me to do this??" and it seemed weird, cuz she started taking off her clothes...and she just ended up typing for him... like his interview but it just ended up being her taking off her jacket to type

And the next wish..they're sitting face to face again..and she's like "THIS is your wish?" and he's like "yeah" and she's like "you should have said so!! i could do this everyday" and starts eating a cake and they said the same thing back in paris..

KJ: 'wanna sleep over?'

TY: and she goes "how many girls ate cake and slept over your house?"

KJ: "so far ..two"

Third wish for her to sleep over...and she's like "i dont want to.........you THOUGHT i was going to say that? ha.. OF COURSE i'll sleep over!" and later she said .. "at times girls give shoulder for guys to lean on too... here lean my shoulder.." and he goes "no... i think your stomach would be better" and it goes to him lying on her thighs. he slept on her lap *and she said she loved him** i mean she stroke his cheeks then he kisses her hand. The way he kissed her hands cuz it zoomed out to the next day where she was cleaning

The remote control in the fridge

well he was finding something and later he opened the fridge and taeyougn's voice come on saying: "i have to confess..........i cant find the remote.. " but kj found it in the fridge. HE wrote you are fired!!!

Singing Scene

PSY shouted encore after her

he's like "why can't you sing?"

ty: "seemed like you enjoyed it the most though"

Next, he was like call me oppa.. stop calling me han jan sang nin but he wanted her to call him OPPA

Wud did the ex wife say

KJ asked TY to call him OPPA

TY is really cold to SH now

In the episode, SH's saying "just smile for me once"

TY wrote a letter to her (noona/omma)

TY left her a movie ticket, and said if a person who wants to see it with suddenly cant be contacted or cancel's the appointment, that she should give her a chance..

Kihye told SH "forget it"

Soohyuk is telling kihye that he practically knows something but wont say what..

GD motors stocks went down a lot and Jmotors went up 30%

KJ met Yoonah who said her dad can help him. She said she has an engagement ring too. KJ look at it and threw it... with such force

Mr.han made yoona tell taeyoung about kijoo's secret


Kihye had him when she was 17 not 18..

Credits: Chicade answers blinkiz and armanigurl

Episode 18: Break Up

'you lost me didnt you, no.. i'm leaving you, i am too exhausted, so i'm leaving... let's break up' because she loves him more than herself and doesnt want him hurt. He started walking by himself with 2 bicycle's?? and listening to the tape recorder

Credits: Chicade

Episode 19

SooHyuk hits KiJoo, who falls in the grass. As KJ stands, SH says, "I told you I didn't want to hit you because you're my brother." KJ doesn't know what he's talking about, and SH reveals the secret that he never knew. They both are involved in their own thoughts in different places at the same time. KJ meets KiHye the next day and talks about other things. At the end, he says, "Thank you for giving birth to me," and KH is crying as he leaves. That night, SH goes to find TY but she doesn't see him, and he records what he wants to say on a tape recorder.

Meanwhile, Director Choi does something bad (Sorry I'm REALLY lazy to look up what all the business stuff says) and KJ is speechless. He thinks there is no way out but to leave. The next day, TY and KJ hear that SH got into a car accident and rush off to the hospital. They hear from the doctor that SH is fine but his head was hurt so they decide to wait a little more. KJ goes to a meeting and sits, but Director Choi reveals something else...

Credits: Chicade


I AM NOT AN EXPERIENCED SUMMARIZER, SO hope u won't complain...

okay, now the two men are fighting.. soo hyuk and ki joo, and ki joo is shocked to find out that soo hyuk is his brother..

so in a daze, he leaves soo hyuk to find his noona, which he now knows is his mother.. so he looks at her with sorrowful eyes outside her shop, and just stands there looking at her.

then we find ki joo back at home, looking sad and he pulls out his drawer and finds the Tae Young's ring..

Next day, at work, Tae Young sees Ki Joo, and she finds him on the park looking sad, so she goes over to talk to him.. i dunno what they are talking about.. someone shud translate. I think Tae Young looks at Ki Joo sitting there alone and wants to comfort him, so she sort of tells him to keep fighting, and Ki Joo tells her to do the same.. someone correct me if i'm wrong.

Then Ki Joo goes to find his noona/omma, and his omma talks about soo hyuk say that soo hyuk is sick.. then Ki Joo just looks at his mother who has been his sister all this while and takes hold of her hands.. at the point the mother ask him wat is wrong, and Ki Joo just looks very sad. But I think he say thank you to the mother for giving birth to him, and so the mother becomes sad.

Back at home, soo hyuk gets nightmare.. as he wakes up, he looks for Mr. CHoi, and I think he regretted what he had done to Ki Joo.

Next day at work Tae Young sees Ki Joo and feels sad. Yoonah keeps making fun of her and her failed engagement. Then the phone rings, and Tae Young picks up. It is ki joo calling asking for Yoo Nah. So u can imagine Yoonah's happiness to receive Ki Joo's call asking to meet.

They meet at the office park and Ki JOO JUST BLASTED YOONAH with angry words.. and Yoo Nah is left teary eyed, wondering who told ki joo that she told tae Young about ki joo's matters.

She walks off and meets soo hyuk at the hallway. makes some snickering remarks as usual. that's all she knows what to do.

Then I dunno, scene shift to Tae Young and she receives a present box. in it are their engagement gifts, presents and a video cassette. So Tae Young brings it to Ki Joo's house and watch the video cassette, it is a video of their engagement and their happy memories. So tae young is just crying watching the video.. SO SAD..

as she finish the video and gets ready to go out of the house, Ki Joo arrives, and tries to stop her from leaving.. but she insist that she has to go..

As she reaches her home she finds soo hyuk... and she ask him to leave, go away, and she is crying. She is crying and crying and telling soo hyuk to go, she doesn't want to see him. So she walks into the house leaving soo hyuk alone

Soo hyuk outside the house feels sad.. and he start to record down his words to Tae Young. Saying something like he has hurt her, and He is sorry. He wants her to be happy from now on.

Then soo hyuk leaves in his car, and along the way driving the tape recorder fell, so he looks for it, and finds it. when he look up there is a lorry infront of him so he gets into and accident.

When ki joo got the news he rushed to the hospital and he finds tae young there.. and tae young is crying profusely... So Ki Joo reach out his hand to tell her, everything will be allright, its going to be alright.

Together they went into Soo Hyuk's room and find him in critical condition, he is still unconcious, and Ki Joo cannot stand it anymore so he breaks down. Saying, soo hyuk, this is your hyung,, wake up, wake up.. Then Ki Hye comes in and becomes very anxious when she sees soo hyuk lying on the bed. TAe Young is sad hearing and seeing Ki Joo in pain so she leaves the room, and a nurse passes her the recorder of soo hyuk. So she listens to the message and she sobs outside soo hyuk's room.

Next day, soo hyuks condition seem to improve. when he wake up he saw his mother and he said omma. but when he see ki joo and tae young, he asked the mother who is she? So the couple is very distressed now.

Then seung joon comes to see ki joo at the hospital and informs him that he needs to go to the office immediately.. the company is in bad shape.

Meanwhile, Ki Hye goes to meet Mr. Choi and tells him to help Ki Joo.

Yoo Nah's mother scheme to take Ki Joo off the board.. so a board meeting is held to make Ki Joo step down.

TAe Young upon hearing this becomes sad, as she walk along the corridor she meets ki joo, and tells him that his tie is not properly done. then she say, "let me do it for u" so she does it for him, and she is really sad now. so is he. then i think she send him her good wishes and good luck.

In the meeting, it is intense. Ki Joo tries to defend himself in the meeting of shareholders and everyone is blaming him for the company's failure... this is what Yoo Nah's mom wants.. when people are shouting at ki joo asking him to resign.

Then Mr. Choi stands up and say that he is the one responsible for everything.. and everyone is shocked. then he goes to ki joo and submits his resignation letter. as Mr. Choi walks out, Ki Joo chase him out the door and some words are exchanged. Mr Choi smile at Ki Joo and Ki Joo looked very grateful, teary eyed. and I think he told Mr. Choi to take good care, be healthy.

then back at ki joo's office, Ki Joo and Tae Young are talking and Tae Young suggest that they visit soo hyuk. So Ki Joo brings tae young to a house where soo hyuk is recuperating. Soo Hyuk seeing them greets them "ahn yong ha se yo" and the couple start to look sad. soo hyuk then brings them for a walk and pretends everything is okay. he is acting all happy and soon as soo hyuk and tae young are talking by the river, soo hyuk ask tae young how tae young met his uncle. so they talk like strangers.

then the 3 of them had tea together, soo hyuk made them laugh. and he ask ki joo when is he getting married to tae young. and ki joo just look at tae young.. and soo hyuk ask his uncle to get married fast. and after much pestering the couple gave in.

then Ki Joo and Tae Young bid their farewell and left.. soo hyuk left behind is smiling the happiest smile for them .. but as the car dissapears, he cries and tells his uncle/hyung to be happy, then he say tae young, be happy, then he say I love you Tae Young. and he start to cry very sadly.

Ki Joo and TAe Young stops at the river bank to talk. Tae Young tells Ki Joo that they can't be together because of soo hyuk's condition. Then Ki Joo seing sad Tae Young hugs her.. and tae young then say, we are breaking up, and walks away...

Credits: Armanigurl

Planned ending

They are planning to go through with the ending that they had wanted from before. The writer of the drama liked this particular ending in which KiJoo & Tae Yong had separated in Korea and then meet at Paris unknowingly. They had to give up getting married and both went to Paris, France on their own where they first had met. KiJoo had thrown away all his inheritance and money and at Paris worked with something that had to do with cars..(not sure what 허드렛일을 is, but it says its related with cars). 1 year later they meet by chance at the fountain(I think) where Tae Yong wished for a prince on a white horse. The last scene of the drama is going to take place at the Pont Neuf Bridge where the couple reminisce about their past and also confirm that they still love each other. The article says that KJ is gonna live on as a man that works hard for his living everyday and TY is gonna continue studying movies. The message that the writers want to send is that Kijoo chose love over money.

In other parts of the article it says that SH will not die in the drama and that the writers of the drama had posted on the website that none of the 3 characters will die. And that SBS wants to have the 'bright, cute' concept of the drama to continue until the end.

Credits: sorry, can’t find the post now. If you translated this let us know.

Episode 20

The scene begins with the separation at the lake.

SH sitting by the lake. Being sad and all

TY putting money into the piggy bank and crying.

She opens her diary and sees her picture with KJ.

She scribbled down when it was taken and put al the little hearts on it.

She caresses the picture.

KJ is in his apartment looking cool as usual. He sees her in everything… he looks at the picture she put up for him and turned it upside down again. He opens the fridge and think of the remote control.

He looks at the picture she took with him in the background and caresses her face.

He went to his car and drove to her house…but she came and visited him at his house instead.

He tried to knock but couldn’t bring himself to do it. He sat outside her door with her recorder, listening to what she said.

She sat on the bench beneath his apartment.

They did not meet.

At work the next day… KJ is talking to one of the managers. (He’s still wearing the ring). He called looking for TY but Yoonah visited him at his office and told him that TY is not there. I think Yoonah resigned.

TY is having a nice meal with her uncle, gona and yangmi.

KJ sms her.

Then she told them she’s leaving for Paris. She went to get her ticket to Paris and had a chat with yangmi.

KJ keeps smsing her. She calls his secretary instead. She passes him the camera and pictures to pass to KJ.

The secretary calls KJ but he doesn’t answer. KJ is actually visiting TY at her place. He waited for a long time and she saw him from afar waiting for her.

He leaves her a message on the phone and was about to leave. He keeps turning around but she was hiding and he didn’t see her. She just kept looking at him and crying.

She packed her luggage to leave for Paris. She looked at the dress and remembered the night she told him she loves him. She looks at the picture of her and her dad. She looks at the piggy bank… then she looks at the mp3 player and told SH that she’s sorry.

SH is leaving his loony bin on his motorbike. He gives a little smile and rides off into the dusk.

He visits his mom at the boutique. He looks at her from afar. He got a little girl to pass her a message, telling her stuff.

His mom called KJ to tell him that SH has left.

The secretary told KJ that TY is leaving and pass him the stuff.

He drove to the airport whilst reading her letter to him.

TY at the airport… KJ running around the airport, looking for her.

She’s just sitting down and looking at their picture.

The announcement for her flight came on and she stood up to leave. He sees her and yells out her name.

They are finally looking at each other and talking. He tells her about SH. She cries and for once, he wipes her tears away from her cheeks. They hug! They now attempt to talk happily and part on good terms.

He’s trying to be strong just for her and even gives her a smile while wiping away her tears. He joked and made her laugh.

She called him oppa!!!

She left!!! And he cried!!!!!!!!!! But he was trying to hold back his tears. She dropped the piggy bank in her usual fashion and he laughed.

They parted smiling at each other.

Yoonah, finally giving up on her relationship with KJ, threw the ring into the river.

Kihye is talking to her dad. I think the dad is feeling regret at some point.

KJ is back at the apartment and talking into the recorder that TY left him. He learns to record down his thoughts about TY. He takes out the camera, and say stuff like what TY taught him, Waikiki, Hawaii.

Two years/months/weeks later, he’s the boss of GD and at some launch. Mr Choi and everyone else is there.

He looks good and confident but not as arrogant as before. Saying stuff at the press conference and everyone is applauding.

The phone rings and it’s SH on the phone. SH is at some lake/beach. He asks about TY. KJ told him that TY has gone back to Paris.

KJ told his mom that it was SH who called.

Scene is back to SH at the beach looking at other couples.

He meets a girl who have trouble with her bicycle and helped her.

KJ meets up with his ex-wife and they talked. They shook hands and KJ leaves for the airport. The secretary urged him on, ajaaaah!!!

Back in Paris, TY is at the film school and having a good time. KJ is working as a mechanic in an automobile shop.

TY is waitressing and she knocks something over.

KJ left the shop and still thinking about TY.

KJ is riding his bicycle and passed by a restaurant where TY was eating.

He was eating his sandwich at the bridge and then went to the fountain where he met TY.

TY was there and they stared at each other.

They went to the bridge and talked to each other. They reaffirmed their love for each other I think.


A scene showing an excited TY emerging from the Metro, taking pictures, eating baguette and KJ talking business in the background of a cafe.

Back to Korea…this girl who looks like TY is the maid to this guy who looks like KJ. She finishes her story…did all the stuff TY did before as a maid… leaving notes etc. and totally pissing KJ off.

As she leaves the house she picks up a newspaper with KJ and TY’s face on it saying that they are married.

She sets up a road side stall selling soft toys. The soft toys were turned over by a jealous rival. KJ’s car came up and she thought that it was him who knocked the soft toys over. And the rest like they say, is history aka think of Episode 1.

Credits: blinkiz


So yeah, I thought the ending was decent. I liked it thought it's a big confusing I agree w/the fact that I think it was totally over-hyped and everybody wanted a fairtytale ending but if you think about it, how many fairy-tale endings can you have? Dramas would get boring if it had all the simialr ending so they try to make it differently. And like people have said, it's basically saying that KJ and TY end up together. I was just confused about a couple things though (I'll write it in white, just in case they're spoielrs for people).

I actually believe the thing that shirley wrote about the "matrix type of ending" (even thought that kinda sounds funny) and I think it's two pairs of TY/KJ couples. The one that we watched for 19 3/4 episodes and tehn the one that just met. THe reason why is b/c the stuffed-bears TY (sorry, I dont' know how to describe it otherwise) picks up the newspaper and reads that GD Sajang Han KiJoo and the person he met in Paris (the love story) has come to a happy end. And then the stuffed-bears TY/KJ now start their story.

The people in the last scene is Taeyoung (a different girl) and a guy (we dont' get his name) but they happen to look liek the couple we've been following for 19 3/4 episodes.

Anyway, here are some scene clarifications just to clear some stuff up for some people just b/c it was a little confusing in this episode and I thought they would kinda tie up loose ends in the drama.

KJ and Yoonah's last meeting:

KJ asks his recpetionist/secretary if KTY has arrived yet when Yoonah enters and says that she (TY) hasn't arrived yet and puts the envelope on the desk. She says that that is her resignation and how she said before that if one of them was going to turn their back, she was going to be the one to do it and that this must be the time to do it. KJ replies that if she's resigning b/c it's uncomfortable for her to see his face, then just keep on working at the company. Yoonah says that she doesn't want to b/c she might not give up (on them) and that she's never liked anybody like that before. He asks her why she liked him and she says something I didn't catch (*Edit, she says that by liking KJ, she now feels wrothless. Not being able to receieve loev makes somebody feel like worthless.) but she basically says don't look at her in that way and he says how. And she replies that she could have taken pills and tried to kill herself but he's looking at her w/a relieved expression. He tells her she's wrong. He was thinking that finally, Yoonah could be able to sincerely receive love from somebody else. Yoonah says not to pity her and he replies that it's his true desire. They just met in an impossible situation but to somebody else, she could become a special person to that person and then she leaves.

SH's farewell letter to his mom: (the gist)

Mother....I lied a lot. You'll accept these flowers and forgive me, right? When I was sleeping, I think it's b/c I dreamt so many dreams. When I opened my eyes, I don't know why but I jsut wanted to erase everything. Just like I really did erase everything, inside my head, it became white and I wanted to leave. You know me, I'm that type of person. Forgive me, mother. Also, I thank you. I thank you for KJ (hyung). I was happy to have him as a hyung.

TY's letter to KJ: (the gist once again) This was my favorite scene of this episode.

To KJ, who can remember many things but doesn't have any memories (reminesceness)

I give this camera to you. From this point on, you'll probably have many memories/reminences from now on. In those memories, I hope that you always have a laughing/happy memory of me. In my memories of you, you'll always be smiling. The first time I left for Paris, I left no feelings but now I have some fear/dread. Without you, can I live well? KTY w/o HKJ, is it really a true KTY? (DUring all this, KJ is running through the airport looking fo rher). DId you know this? A short time ago, you and I were both crying. Love must be liek that. You start laughing but you end crying. However, if you love too much, I also learned that dislike can also grow (My interpretation was that she's refering to SH here). so right now, I don't regret anything. You (my darling) gave me a romantic/handsome love...a love better than anything i could have dreamed of. That I was able to love you, I was very happy. Now, smiling, take a picture. IN this world, like this one picture that exists, you (my darling) to me are the one person that exists in my life. I love you...more than these words can express.....I love you.

(Then the speaker comes on announcing the boarding) and KJ runs up to TY.

KJ: So where are you going? Are you leaving to not see me ever again?

TY: I'm discovered. What type of secretary has such loose lips (can reveal so much).

KJ: Are you crazy?

TY: Since you won't send me, I have to run away.

KJ: Having somebody you love by your side, is that greed? SH leaves w/o saying anything and now you. What am I to do?

TY: What od you mean? SH left?

KJ: He left....left behind lies.

TY: Lies? What do you mean? I don't understand.

KJ: SH remembered everything. He just pretended not to know anything.


TY: I can't believe that.

KJ: That's me right now. I can't believe/understand that you, standing in front of me, is leaving of rParis right now. Do you really have to go? You can't not go? (double negative, eh?) Is it b/c you hate me? (it's another double negative statement but I got confused and I can't translate it).

TY: Can you not read it? My thoughts are written there.

KJ: (wipes tears and hugs her) I know....I know but I'm just saying that.

TY: You're sending me, right?

KJ: OKay, okay, go.

TY: WE're still loving each other, right?

KJ: I'm going to say something childish. B/c I love you, I'm sending you.

TY: THank you for not letting me go a long road by myself.

KJ: But, in return, don't hide too well...cause i'tll be harder for me to find you then.

TY: yOu have your secretary.

KJ: no, I'm going to find you myself. ONe day, I'll find you all by myself.

TY: OKay.....you have to find me. There won't be a place for me to do housekeeping but I'll be ... (names all these places in France, riding bikes, etc. bumping into each other, etc.) BUt you have to go running nad you have to check yourself.

KJ: I'll come find you not too late. (wipes tears) Our pig must be happy...riding an airplane and going to Paris. (both laugh)

TY: I'll maek sure to feed him once a day. WHile I think of you, Oppa.

KJ: (I missed what he said)

TY: I'm not going to look back.

KJ: Okay, just look forward.

SHe starts walking but she being clumsy, drops the pig and they both wave and smile.

Other loose ends: (2 years lateR)

Oh yeah and to just tie up loose ends, like blinkiz said, KJ releases the new model for hte car and then KJ thanks his mom for giving birth to him (he didn't in Ep. 19 liek soembody stated int he summary for that episode). He receives the phone call from SH and then that girl on the bike, it's pretty cute w/SH and her. I mean, maybe SH won't love her in the same way he loved TY but he still deserves to be happy. (She basically rides the bike and falls right in front of him and she says something liek the bike always happens to break right at that place but even though she's done this two/three times, this is the first time that he's notcied. He fixes it and kinda ends the conversation and she walks away disappointed (since she's interested in him) and then he invites her to come listen to him play drums. And the ex-wife has started a relationship too revealed in her convo w/KJ.

Credits: Soo jung

Dialogue in Paris (after meeting at the fountain)

At the fountain

Kijoo (thinking): I often visit this fountain and imagine that I meet Taeyoung. Like now.

Kijoo: did you know I just made a wish? I wished that they would send someone who would eat a sandwich with me.


Taeyoung: If i hadn't become a housekeeper at your house...if you hadn't run over the cigarettes..would we have met?

Kijoo: We would have..

Taeyoung: Really?

Kijoo: Even if we didn't meet then...we would have met somewhere else...we may have already met each other long long ago....i just get that feeling.

Taeyoung: Me too. I get that feeling too.

Credits: Cocoa


So TY and KJ meet up at Paris. So that's it for them. They meet. And whatever happens later, we don't really know except that they get married. (the newspaper tells us that)

THE SECOND Taeyoung who was eating that baguette at the cafe and the KiJoo that was behind her are fictional characters from a story, a story that the THIRD Taeyoung is writing. (Remember how she was typing on a notebook computer at KiJoo's apartment?)

THE THIRD Taeyoung is NOT Taeyoung at all. She's just someone else. Another random girl, except played by the same actress, Kim Jung Eun. So when she saw the newspaper, she was like, "wow, cool." And the KiJoo that she meets is not KiJoo, but some another rich guy in Seoul. This shows that this "cinderella story" can happen to anyone plain and normal, like the THIRD taeyoung.

and remember how the THIRD taeyoung meets the THIRD Kijoo in korea? And Taeyoung said that he looked familiar? this is to "combine the two taeyoungs," the "REAL ONE" that we've been watching throughout, and the "THIRD ONE" that popped out at the end.


there you go.

thats what the writers said.

Credits: yellohswttart

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Guest rockerbabe

lucky have downloaded some of the favourite songs but can't just pass some sort of links(like before) instead of going thru a program to dl?

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I do hope that this is the last time I have to do this... muahahah...

Enjoy all ...

*BTW, someone was asking me before soompi crashed about the spoiler to the ending.

Basically, after the ending was aired, there were lots of arguments as to what the writers were trying to say. Apparently, the writers came out and told the press the above explanation. It was then translated and posted here....

I didn't make that up :)

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Guest skyelee21

blinkiblinkz... Well done!

You rock!!!

Thank you for all those information and links!

I am so into LIP too...

and of course, my Soo-Hyuk!


Thank you so much!

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Guest gracecherry

wow this is amazing, so completely compiled!! thanks blinkiz!! i m watching this drama right now, half way through and i find that its really nice, it has got so much humor in it, jiang tai ling is a very lively character, i think all the 3 main casts in it did a very good job, besides the storyline is nice too. hmm...i m addicted to the song that is played at the end of each episode, dont noe whats the title of it, can anyone tell me?

i tried clicking on the links to DL the ost too, but its not working it seems.

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Guest doremi54

I'm so glad I found this thread. I saw the ending today and I thought they were saying entire thing didn't exist, it was just a story written by Tae Young. I wanted to throw things at the TV. I feel so much better now. :D

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