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Henry Talks about Yewon's Underwear Ads on "We Got Married"

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Henry embarrassed Yewon on “We Got Married” when he mentioned that he has seen underwear ads that she has appeared in.

In the latest episode of the MBC show, Henry helped Yewon pack her bags as the two prepare to move into their newlywed home. While packing, Henry slyly brought up Yewon’s underwear modeling when he said, “Don’t forget to pack some pretty underwear” and “It’s fine for a couple to talk about [underwear].”

henry yewon

After Henry finally admitted to having seen her ads, Yewon then surprised him when she said, “If you’re that curious, I’ll have to take some more pictures for you.”

Afterwards, the couple ordered jajangmyeon to celebrate the move into their newlywed home, showing their affection for one another by wiping sauce off of each other’s lips.

Fans can catch the entire interaction between the two when the latest episode of “We Got Married” airs on April 25 at 5 p.m.

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