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EXO's Xiumin Deletes Instagram Account

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While rumors of Tao leaving EXO are exploding by the minute, Xiumin has deleted his Instagram account. Instagram has been his only SNS platform to communicate with his fans, and his sudden departure from the photo sharing site is causing a wave of concern between fans, some even suggesting that it reflects Xiumin’s disapproval towards the rumors of Tao leaving. xiumin instagram Meanwhile, on April 22, Tao’s father posted “I requested SM for Tao’s departure from the team” through his Weibo. He wrote, “Dear fans who have always looked after and loved Tao, this is Tao’s dad. I am currently writing this post with a heavy heart. I know that my decision will hurt many people, even my son himself. Though I have endlessly tried to persuade my son, he doesn’t seem to understand his selfish father. If I had to pick between Tao’s career as a Korean idol and his health, I would pick his healthy within a blink of an eye. I’m both sorry and thankful towards the agency and members of EXO. I’m grateful that the agency has looked after Tao. At the same time, I am also deeply sorry towards the fans of Tao and EXO.” SM responded by saying, “We are sorry to see this being posted when we recently discussed Tao’s future schedule in China with him and his dad. Still, we will be looking for a positive middle ground by communicating with Tao’s dad.” Source (1) See also: Rumors of Tao Leaving EXO Resurface After His Father Posts a Letter Online

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