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San E Transforms into 15& Baek Yerin’s Inflatable BF in “Me You” MV

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Rapper San E drops an adorable and creative music video for his highly anticipated collaboration with Baek Yerin of 15& on pop track “Me You” off of his new album “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” Unlike the music videos for the tougher tracks that he’s pre-released from his album like “On Top of Your Head feat. MC GREE” and “#LuvUHater,” “Me You” features the lighthearted and lovey dovey back and forth between two lovers as they confess their love for each other. Me You The music video gets creative with the use of Instagram feeds of ex-lovers (on which rapper Verbal Jint makes a cameo as Baek Yerin’s ex-boyfriend) and inscriptions of “Me You” on a variety of different objects. Me You Most notably, San E is cleverly transformed into Baek Yerin’s inflatable boyfriend. He seems to be filled with helium, as he keeps floating up towards the ceiling while Baek Yerin struggles to bring him down. Me You How did you like the music video?

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