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FTISLAND’s Jaejin Talks about His Newfound Appreciation for Girl Groups

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Lee Jaejin of pop-rock band FTISLAND expressed his newfound appreciation for girl groups. On the April 21 broadcast of SBS MTV’s “Coming Out! FTISLAND,” the members of FTISLAND watch a music show at home. When they see the part of singer Shannon’s performance where she twists her hips while leaning on a male dancer, the members let out loud cheers. They again cannot hide their smiles as they watch the proceeding performance by girl group Lovelyz. Member Lee Jaejin shares, “In the past, I didn’t really [experience it], but now I feel strengthened when young [girl group idols] come out on stage. To Lee Hongki’s question of whether girl groups are like a vitamin to him, “Yes they are. Like how you feel when you saw her, hyung. You remember her right?” Lee Jaejin asks back, making Lee Hongki flustered. Lee Jaejin also chooses who he believes is the best girl group, “Red Velvet. They’ve been causing a ruckus these days as they explode their potential.” The first-ever 19+ idol reality show, “Coming Out! FTISLAND” reveals the private lives, nightlife, and more of FTISLAND. The program airs every Tuesday at 11 p.m., KST. Source (1) See also: FTISLAND Becomes First Idol Group to Have Their Own Rated 19+ Reality TV Show

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