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KBS Deems Three of BTS’ New Tracks Unfit for Broadcast

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After three tracks from BTS’ upcoming mini album were deemed unfit for broadcast by KBS, the group’s agency has revealed that they are not planning to makes changes to the songs for the time being. On April 22, a representative of Big Hit Entertainment told Star News, “There are no plans to modify the songs or appeal for a new decision as of now.” Earlier on this day, KBS’ censorship department determined that BTS’ “Converse High,” “BTS DISS,” and “Lovers High” were inappropriate for broadcast due to the lyrics and content of the songs. The network has indicated that “Converse High” specifically mentions a number of brand names in its lyrics: “Converse high, Chanel, F your Alexander McQueen.” “Lovers High” was considered unfit for broadcast for the same association of its lyrics with the brand Converse as well. “BTS DISS” also includes the use of a brand name in the lyrics, as well as a Chinese phrase meaning “Did you eat?” KBS has concluded that the phrase was being used in place of a swear. Furthermore, MBC has deemed “Lovers High” unfit for broadcast as well, while SBS has yet to release the results of their review of the songs. Meanwhile, BTS will be releasing their new mini album this coming April 29. Source (1)

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