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San E Drops Album Preview Featuring Baek Yerin, Jessi, Jung In, and More

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Rapper San E has dropped the official album preview for his upcoming album “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” Revealed on April 19, the almost two-minute long preview video gives fans a taste of the diverse sounds on the rapper’s first full-length album. The anticipation for “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” is increasing as the revealed track list showcases a slew of features by talented artists, including Jung In, 15&’s Baek Yerin, Lucky J’s Jessi, and rapper Vasco. The album begins with “#LuvUHater” and ends with “I Wanted to Succeed” (working title). Check out the full track list:

  1. #LuvUHater
  2. She’s (Feat. Jung In)
  3. On Top of Your Head (Feat. MC GREE)
  4. Using You (Feat. Joe Rhee)
  5. I Deserve It (Feat. Jessi, illinit, i11evn)
  6. Feeling Good Now (Feat. Yang Dong Geun, Don Mills)
  7. Me You (Feat. Baek Yerin of 15&)
  8. $$o Dope (Feat. Vasco, C Jamm)
  9. I Wanted to Succeed
  10. #LuvUHater (inst.)
  11. Me You (inst.)
  12. #HIPHOPISHIPHOP (feat. Hip Hop for the World) CD Only
san e the boy who cried wolf tracklist “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” is slated for release on April 23. Which track are you most looking forward to? See also: Kim Gu Ra’s Son MC GREE Makes His Debut in San E’s “On Top of Your Head” MV San E Addresses Haters with “#LuvUHater” Pre-Release Track

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