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FTISLAND’s Lee Hongki Wows with an Amazing Performance on "King of Mask Singer"

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FTISLAND frontman Lee Hongki wows with an amazing performance on the April 19 broadcast of“King of Mask Singer,” a new MBC variety show where contestants battle each other wearing masks to hide their true identities. Masked as the “Hot and Cold Bat Human,” Lee Hongki sings a beautiful rendition of “Love Sick” by Jo Jang Hyuk that has the audience and celebrity panel erupt in applause. King of Mask Singer After watching his performance, panel member Baek Ji Young shares her hunch that the “Hot and Cold Bat Human” might be Lee Hongki. “At ‘nah-ahl~’ it was evident. At that verse I knew immediately who he was, and I thought about how much he would have hated to dress like that,” she says, referring to Lee Hongki’s out-of-character outfit. Despite his strong performance, Lee Hongki is ultimately eliminated, losing by just three votes to a contestant nicknamed “That Pine Tree on Top of Namsam.” Lee Hongki says after his elimination, “I should have changed up my singing style and sang. I knew this would happen. Everyone knew it was me.” Could you tell it was Lee Hongki behind the mask? Source (1) See also: EXID’s Hani Moved to Tears by Bandmate Solji’s Performance on “Mask King”

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