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Jang Dong Min Gets Cursed Out by Kim Soo Mi on "Look Back At Me"

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Jang Dong Min, who is known for cursing out others as part of his jokes, was on the receiving end this time. On the first episode of KBS2's "Look Back at Me" on April 17, Jang Dong Min acted as a one-day manager for Kim Soo Mi. On the show, Jang Dong Min is taking Kim Soo Mi to her schedules when they stop at a service station. While Kim Soo Mi goes to the bathroom, she instructs, "Buy some ice cream." He tries to comply, but he is flustered by the many types of ice cream. He ends up buying all four types, but Kim Soo Mi is unimpressed and says, "Go take these three back, you stupid XX." kim soo mi 2 Afterwards, Jang Dong Min and Kim Soo Mi board the van when Jang Dong Min says that he wants to eat a hot bar. Kim Soo Mi doesn't hold back and curses him out again, saying, "What a ridiculous X. That means we have to get off again!" Source (1)

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