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April 2015 CFs: Song Triplets, Super Junior, Amber and More!

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April has brought us another bounty of CFs filled with eye candy and cuteness. There are a great variety of advertisements to enjoy this month. We have cosmetics for K-Beauty aficionados, motor vehicles for car lovers, useful apps for Seoulites, and more! Be sure to comment which ones are your favorites in the comments below! Super Junior for Lotte Duty Free Shop Super Junior members Siwon, Leeteuk, Donghae, and Eunhyuk, as well as a female model, guide you through Lotte Duty Free Shop. There's a variety of items to shop for and different experiences to enjoy. Surely shopping has never been more tantalizing! Lee Ha Na for Biotherm Who knew that the "Unkind Women" star could sing? She takes on four different looks as she introduces four moisturizing creams from Biotherm. The helpful ad shows which cream is appropriate for various skin types and concerns. Listen to the cute jingle! Kim Woo Bin and Lee Na Young for Maxim Coffee Kim Woo Bin is definitely becoming a CF king in his own right. The actor was featured twice in our March CFs article and he's back this month! Watch him paired up with one of the original CF queens, Lee Na Young. How would you like a cup of coffee with them? Song Triplets, Kim Soo Hyun, and Ha Ji Won for Hana Bank and KEB Dae Han, Min Gook, and Man Se are adorable musicians as a song including their names is sung throughout the CF. As you might already know, their names together means "Long live the Republic of Korea." Their song serves to announce the union of Hana Bank and KEB (Korea Exchange Bank). Hana Bank's model Kim Soo Hyun and KEB's model Ha Ji Won make the announcement at end. Jessi for Hyundai Jessi is smoking hot in this music video CF for Hyundai Tucson Fever. Check out her signature fierce rapping in the advertisement. She even shows off some dance moves! Cha Seung Won, Akdong Musician, Kang Seung Yoon, and Choi Ji Woo for Yogiyo Akdong Muscian siblings Lee Soo Hyun and Lee Chan Hyuk sign a housing contract with Cha Seung Won who informs them that delivery food is banned in his home. Hopefully their desire for delicious fried chicken will be fulfilled as we see Cha Seung Won and Kang Seung Yoon mesmerized by delivery girl Choi Ji Woo. Tune in to see the next episode featuring the YG Entertainment stars! Lee Min Ho for Kyochon Chicken Speaking of chicken (previous page), if anything could be more popular than Lee Min Ho, it would be fried chicken. Kyochon's fried chicken is so delicious that it unites everyone on the baseball field! As soon as they discover the chicken, all of the people nearby flock to grab a piece. Would you pick fried chicken over Lee Min Ho? Kang Kyun Sung and Kim Bo Sung for Innisfree Kang Kyun Sung goes through an "Inception" like experience as he experiences struggle after struggle. He continues "waking up" to hardships which affect his skin negatively. He keeps getting advice about something, but can't seem to remember what it is. Finally, Kim Bo Sung advises him to use Innisfree Men's Perfect All-in-One Skin product. You simply use the product on a cotton pad and wipe your face with it to remove impurities and replenish your skin. Amber for LG Uplus f(x)'s Amber transforms into Amberella for this commercial. She has a stepmother and stepsisters who make her toil. They leave to go clubbing and Amber, who is left behind, runs out of data. Then a honey-voiced drill sergeant fairy godmother makes an appearance. Watch the fun clip to see what happens. English captions are included! Yoo Seung Ho for Petitzel Yoo Seung Ho gets caught eating someone else's sweet roll cake in this CF. But who could stay mad at his cute face for long? They end up enjoying the dessert together! Who's up for a sugary date with the handsome actor? HyunA for Tony Moly This video promotes Tony Moly's brand and discusses how they aim to create great products. Their latest model is HyunA who looks sizzling with her smokey eyes and signature red lipstick. If you're interested in purchasing some products shown in the video, click here. Jay Park for Mini Cooper It looks like music video commercials are the trend for motor vehicle companies. Jay Park raps, sings, and dances along to a catchy tune. They even incorporate a driving dance move! The multi-talented star definitely adds swag to the cute car. Shin Min Ah and Royal Pirates's James for Lafuma The pair enjoy the outdoors both in the city and in nature. There's a cute moment when James is jumping on Shin Min Ah's bed in order to wake her up. How would you like to be woken up in this manner? SHINee for the SAEM This behind-the-scenes video shows you the group going through many photo shoots for the cosmetics brand. Short individual commericals for each member are featured on the brand's official YouTube channel. See the products that SHINee is endorsing here. Girl's Day Hyeri for Dabang This commerical addresses the difficulties in real estate in Korea, especially in Seoul. Girl's Day Hyeri endures multiple money problems including a decrease in salary, an increase in rent, buying a car, no where to park the car, being sleepy, and having to commute far. Her troubles are over as the Dabang app helps her find the perfect apartment. SNL Korea's Jang Yeon Joo for Nongshim The actress and SNL Korea cast member is totally cute and hilarious as she does a strange dance/gymnastics routine for the CF. The two varieties of ramen are so tasty that it makes everyone join in. Coupled with a unique costume, the result is addictive and fun. The latter part of the video even includes a dance tutorial! That's all for this month~ Share which ones were your favorites in the comments below!

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