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L.Joe Tries to Seduce Narsha with 19+ Comment on "Match Made in Heaven Returns"

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Idol group Teen Top member L.Joe made some explosive comments as he tried to seduce his first round partner, Narsha, on MBC's "Match Made in Heaven Returns." In a recent filming, the cast played a "My Heart Beats When I See You" game. It is a game where the man must raise the heart rate of the woman using skinship and romantic comments. When it is L.Joe's turn to try to raise Narsha's heartbeat, he seems to be thinking hard at first, and then he blurts something out that turns the studio upside down. He says, "I am a [male] virgin." At the surprising comment, Narsha is so flustered that she blushes. The other cast members are all very surprised by the comment, except Heo Kyung Hwan, who comments, "Of course, you're not a female virgin." Thanks to L.Joe, Narsha's heart rate hits an all-time high. Source (1)

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