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Jessi Is Pleased with Her "Tough Unni" Image but Says She Isn't Tough in Reality

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Jessi, one of the biggest stars to come out of "Unpretty Rapstar," commented on her "tough" image during the latest recording of "Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook." She participated in the recording for the late-night music show to support Park Jin Young, who featured the rapper/singer on his latest comeback single, "Who's Your Mama?." As Jessi joined Park Jin Young during the interview segment after the performance, she seemed visibly nervous, but soon regained her confidence as she started talking. When MC Yoo Hee Yeol asked her what she thought about her "tough unni" image, she said, "I like hearing it. It's okay," adding, "But in reality, I'm also very gentle." She also revealed that she will be releasing new music by the end of April, a song she wrote herself two years ago. "It has rap in it, but I'll be mainly singing. I'm originally a singer," she explained. Jessi and Park Jin Young's stage will be aired on the upcoming April 17 episode of "Sketchbook." Source: (1)

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