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Kim Hee Sun Comments on Tight Fit of Current School Uniforms

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Kim Hee Sun recently commented on the tight fit of the modern school uniforms she wears on "Angry Mom." Acting ten years after her 2005 hit drama "Sad Love Story," the actress is donning school uniforms once again in her current drama "Angry Mom." She commented, "I wore a school uniform that current students are wearing these days; they are short enough that underpants peek through." She further revealed her shock and said, "It's not only skirts, blouses are so tight that it's uncomfortable and difficult to button up. From a mother's perspective I want to dress [them] in long skirts, but they say it's the trend these days," and laughed. Let's take a look at the differences between old and current school uniforms. First, here is an example of past school uniforms: AngryMomOld The skirts are on the long side and the jackets look loose and spacious. Here are some current school uniforms: AngryMomNew The skirts are definitely shorter and tops have a tighter fit. Boys' school uniforms have also gotten tighter. AngryMomNew2 Also, personalizing school uniforms have become more common. AngryMomNew1 What are your thoughts on the changes in the fit of school uniforms? Should they be changed or should they be accepted?

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