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Krystal's Heartfelt Birthday Letter Brings Jessica to Tears

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On April 11, Jessica held a fan meeting that doubled as a birthday party at the Sungkyunkwan University New Millenium Hall in Seoul. For one of the events during the fan meeting, Jessica transformed into a radio DJ and read aloud stories submitted by fans, only to find that the last letter was from her very own sister Krystal. While reading the heartfelt letter, Jessica couldn’t hold back the tears. The full letter reads: “Happy 27th birthday. Whenever it’s your birthday, I feel sorry because there’s nothing special I can do for you, but I like that I am able to make a special memory [with you] this way thanks to your fans. I want to make you cry, but I don’t think you will. Even when I was an elementary student and you were in high school you felt like an adult to me, but now you really are an adult. Right? Time passes so fast that at times it feels scary and also sad. Just like we danced and sang at home when we were young, and how we danced freely in the living room a few days ago, let’s play like that until we become grandmothers. Although I am still a baby to you, you listen and respect what I have to say. I really don’t think I could ask for both a better friend and unni. Seeing my ever-dependable and thoughtful unni cry every day in anguish and struggle like that made me cry as well and really really broke my heart. I thought ruefully, ‘Would people know that my sister is this weak and tender-hearted,' but now that all the emotions have subsided, I just wish that the happiness you value most will wrap itself around us on all sides. Even if an unexpected event happens again the future, I believe you will wisely get through it and remain my admirable unni. I am always by your side, and you will also always be by my side. Let’s hang in there. And let’s live more enjoyably. Thank you for being my unni. I love you. From Soojung.” Source (1) (2) See also: Jessica Would Like to Work with Krystal in the Future Jessica Keeps Promise to Send a Food Truck to Krystal and “My Lovely Girl” Staff Krystal Prepares a Surprise for Jessica on Last Episode of “Jessica & Krystal” Girls’ Generation’s Jessica and f(x)’s Krystal Show Their Sisterly Love

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