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INFINITE H Releases MV and Cross-Dressing Photo, Keeping Promise with Fans

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At noon of April 14, INFINITE H released the music video for "Crazy," keeping their promise with the fans. During the their INFINITE H "Fly Again" showcase on January 26, they made a sudden first-place promise with the fans. If their title song "Pretty" won first place in music shows, Dongwoo promised to cross-dress and Hoya promised to film another music video even if it meant spending his own money for it. Since "Pretty" did win first place in Music Core and M!Countdown, they released the music video for "Crazy" on various music sites and their official YouTube channel as promised on April 14. The news of the music video release was announced together with a photo and video of Dongwoo cross-dressing, and the fans expressed their gratitude for keeping their promises. dongwoo The group's company Woollim Entertainment stated, "At first we were just going to have the members hold the camera and film it themselves but things got bigger as we were planning. We thought we should give back to the fans with a more high-quality music video, so we came up with a new choreography for the song, making the preparation period longer. Things got bigger than expected but we will do anything to keep a first-place promise." Watch their "Crazy" music video! Meanwhile, INFINITE recently released their first LIVE album titled "One Great Step Returns LIVE," and plans to have their comeback in May. Source (1) See also: INFINITE H wins on Music Core with “Pretty” INFINITE H Wins on M!Countdown with “Pretty”

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