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Viewers Voice Concerns Over Yewon's Appearance on "We Got Married"

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Yewon is currently undergoing constant criticism after her continued appearance on MBC’s “We Got Married.” On the April 11 episode of MBC’s “We Got Married,” Yewon and Henry enjoy a date at an amusement park, playing silly games. However, despite the lovey-dovey episode, many viewers were upset at her appearance on the show due to the lie she told when asked about what happened with Lee Tae Im. Following the scandal, Lee Tae Im had explained, “I cursed at Yewon because she had first spoken to me informally,” while Yewon claimed that she "never spoke informally.” However, on March 27, clips of the scene were leaked, proving that Yewon’s explanation to the situation was a lie. The public, feeling betrayed, immediately sent criticism towards the young entertainer, and have requested for her withdrawal from all variety shows since then. Though several people have been voicing their concerns of her participation in “We Got Married,” Producer Sun Hye Yoon said on March 28, “I am not in the position to say anything since nothing has been confirmed.” Source (1)

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