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Choose the Best Idol Look: Blonde or Brunette

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K-pop idols are famous for their cutting edge fashion and unique style. In addition to amazing clothes, they show their distinct personalities with their makeup and hairstyles. Although some people like to experiment with blue, pink or even rainbow colored hair, other idols keep it simple by going with a classic jet black/deep brunette or a summery blonde. Which one looks best though? Click through the gallery to view 10 gorgeous idols who have experimented with these two styles, then "Choose the Best Idol Look: Blonde or Brunette." Taemin - SHINee Taemin is a gorgeous guy and looks amazing with either of these hair colors! However, some people are adamant that he looks better with darker hair, while others say that blonde is best! Which one do you like? [polldaddy poll="8793413"] b1Krystal - f(x) Krystal is such a natural beauty that her darker hair has always looked amazing against her flawless complexion. However, when she went platinum blonde during her group's promotions, people were shocked to see she was just as gorgeous as a blonde! Which look suits her best though? [polldaddy poll="8793415"] b2b8Yoseob - BEAST When Yoseob sports darker tones in his hair, it really helps bring out his porcelain skin and handsome features. However, when he had super blonde hair, his dark eyes seemed even bigger and brighter. He looks great either way, but which look is your favorite? [polldaddy poll="8793419"] b9Gyuri -KARA Fans were shocked when Gyuri first dyed her hair this buttery, golden blonde. It was an instant hit with her fans, but you have to admit she looks extremely gorgeous as well with her natural, darker color. No doubt she is beautiful either way, but which style looks best? [polldaddy poll="8793421"] b7T.O.P - BIGBANG T.O.P is so classically handsome that he looks amazing with this rich, deep brown color. When he went with this platinum blonde hairstyle though, his looks suddenly changed into a super sexy bad boy. Either look is great, but you can only choose one as the winner! [polldaddy poll="8793423"] b5Min - miss A Min is another artist whose look changes completely depending on her hair color. She looks incredibly hot as a brunette, but adorable and classic with this blonde bob. Out of these two styles though, which one do you like best? [polldaddy poll="8793424"] b6Rap Monster - BTS With dark hair, Rap Monster looks totally adorable and very approachable. With this white-blonde color though, his handsome features really stand out and give him an exotic look. Which one is your favorite look- super cute or super glamorous? [polldaddy poll="8793426"] b4Hyorin - SISTAR Generally, this beautiful diva has her hair a rich, light brown with blonde highlights. Here though, she shows she can go to either extreme and still look amazing. Whether jet black or almost white, Hyorin looks amazing either way. Which look do you prefer? [polldaddy poll="8793428"] Eunhyuk - Super Junior I have never understood the people that say Eunhyuk is ugly. To me (and many other international fans), he is strikingly beautiful! Although I think a deep, black hair color makes him look super gorgeous, he also looks adorable and loveable as a blonde. Out of the two, which is your favorite look for Eunhyuk? [polldaddy poll="8793429"] b3Sandara Park - 2NE1 Last on the list is the beautiful and talented Sandara Park. No matter the hair color or the hairstyle, she always looks amazing. Anyone that can still look great with a palm tree hairdo or a half shaved head can definitely make deep brown or light blonde look great too. I know which one is my favorite, but which look do you like best? [polldaddy poll="8793431"] b10lee1086 is a Soompi writer who thinks that SHINee's Key makes the perfect blonde and Super Junior's Donghae makes the most gorgeous brunette. When she is not watching "Running Man" or singing K-Pop at the top of her lungs, she is busy playing the piano, dreaming of composing a song with G-Dragon and spending entirely too much time on Facebook and Twitter.

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