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Lee Sung Jae Says Lim Ji Yeon Is Better than Angelina Jolie on "Laws of the Jungle"

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In the new episode of "Laws of the Jungle" in Indo-China, actress Lim Ji Yeon heads towards the mud flats in order to get ingredients for the group's dinner. The mud flats are so difficult to get through that even the "clan leader" Kim Byung Man, who had gone hunting there the previous day, said that he didn't want to go back again. However, Lim Ji Yeon surprises everyone by managing to get plenty of crabs in the mud flat while maintaining her usual cheery attitude. She gets completely covered in mud from head to toe, but doesn't seem to mind since she even sings as she's hunting. When fellow cast member Lee Sung Jae sees this, he says "She's better than Angelina Jolie" and compliments her on her survival skills. You can see Lim Ji Yeon's crab-hunting prowess on April 10 episode. Watch the preview below! Source (1) See also: “Laws of the Jungle” Seo In Guk Is Startled When Lee Sung Jae Strips on Camera Seo In Guk Reveals His Fear of Moths in “Laws of the Jungle”

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